Amanda Lepore

A Scissor Sisters newsflash!33

A Scissor Sisters newsflash!

By Matt Akersten 3rd Aug, 2010

We interrupt this website with a special breaking news report from the Scissor Sisters.

Mardi Gras Knows How To Party!5

Mardi Gras Knows How To Party!

By Christian Taylor 8th Mar, 2010

The size of the crowd at this year's Mardi Gras Party has been estimated at around 12,500, and featured an amazing line-up and plenty of surprises.

Mardi Bar Is Open 5

Mardi Bar Is Open

By Tim Duggan 25th Feb, 2010

The Same Same Mardi Bar, presented by Absolut No Label and supported by ING Direct, got off to a flying start last night at Nevermind with Brent Corrigan playing Twister and more.

Amanda Lepore To Launch Disgraceland In Melbourne512

Amanda Lepore To Launch Disgraceland In Melbourne

By Travis De Jonk 16th Feb, 2010

An awesome new weekly gay party is set to be launched in Melbourne next weekend by transsexual fashion starlet and pop culture icon Amanda Lepore.

Mardi Bar Is Bigger and Longer This Mardi Gras126

Mardi Bar Is Bigger and Longer This Mardi Gras

By Tim Duggan 15th Feb, 2010

The countdown is on until the Same Same Mardi Bar returns to Oxford Street next week. And this time it's bigger and longer than last year’s popular event series.

Amanda Lepore Leads Mardi Gras Parade626

Amanda Lepore Leads Mardi Gras Parade

By Joal Bryant 11th Feb, 2010

It’s official! Amanda Lepore will be leading this year’s Mardi Gras parade.

Mardi Bar Is Back In 20101823

Mardi Bar Is Back In 2010

By Same Same 19th Jan, 2010

One of the most exciting event series of last year is back! The temporary Same Same Mardi Bar that opened up during the 2009 Mardi Gras and packed out every night returns bigger and longer in 2010.

Amanda Lepore: Sweet Like Cotton Candy54

Amanda Lepore: Sweet Like Cotton Candy

By Danny Corvini 27th Oct, 2009

Where high fashion meets high camp you'll find a striking figure called Amanda Lepore, the club hostess and go-go dancer turned singer from New York who's devoted her whole life to pursuing the image of an 1950s hourglass beauty.

Amanda Lepore Coming To Sydney1423

Amanda Lepore Coming To Sydney

By Christian Taylor 23rd Oct, 2009

Oxford Street will never be the same with the launch of Saturday Fucking Night. And who better to kick things off than Amanda fucking Lepore.

Lepore And LaChapelle Make Mark On Martin Place76

Lepore And LaChapelle Make Mark On Martin Place

By Christian Taylor 11th Mar, 2008

If you're curious about the three metre high shopping bags that were installed in Martin Place this morning, wonder no longer.

Amanda Lepore's New Pussy6

Amanda Lepore's New Pussy

By Danny Corvini 6th Jun, 2007

One of the world's most recognisable transsexuals has released a new single on which she sings about her pussy.

Amanda Lepore On The Parade Route

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Same Same chatted to Amanda Lepore, down on the 2010 Mardi Gras Parade route. Video by Vincent Rommelaere from Wallaby Way.
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