Rhonda Burchmore

Little Orphan TrAshley

Little Orphan TrAshley

By Dean Arcuri 8th Jul, 2013

Filled with fantastic musical numbers, the talented cast of Little Orphan TrAshley laughs along with the audience.

Little Orphan TrAshley24

Little Orphan TrAshley

By Matt Akersten 9th Dec, 2012

It's been a long and difficult journey of drama and controversy, all tumbling together into an uproarious night of musical fun.

It’s a drag, but show needs new name16

It’s a drag, but show needs new name

By Matt Akersten 28th Oct, 2012

Following waves of controversy, the upcoming Sydney Opera House show formally known as ‘trAnnie’ has changed its name.

Calendar Girls bare all42

Calendar Girls bare all

By Jennifer White 23rd Mar, 2010

Boasting an incredibly long and successful career on both stage and screen, Lorraine Bayly is a bit of an Aussie icon and this powerhouse will soon be back and gracing our stage with her role in Calendar Girls.

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crazzymikey crazzymikey said on Tue 11th Dec, 2012
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trina2004 trina2004 said on Fri 9th Nov, 2012
"I do hope this means the minority of the Trans community ..."
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Dsquare Dsquare said on Tue 23rd Mar, 2010
"What an incredible cast. I love Rhonda Burchmore and Aman..."
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otter_qld otter_qld said on Tue 24th Nov, 2009
"This is one fantastic entertainer - a lot of young entert..."
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Rhonda Burchmore

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