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Brendan's backwards clip is a Winner

Brendan's backwards clip is a Winner

By Matt Akersten 24th Sep, 2013

Sydney singer Brendan Maclean's latest clip is his most striking yet – revealing a new track from his upcoming album with some near-nude backwards antics.

Kate Miller-Heidke and Brendan Maclean1

Kate Miller-Heidke and Brendan Maclean

By Heidi Maier 1st Jun, 2013

"Tonight's show is a triumph from beginning to end and that is due, in no small part, to Miller-Heidke's astonishing talents."

'Twunks' invite some friends for laughs2

'Twunks' invite some friends for laughs

By Dean Arcuri 31st Jan, 2013

What do you get when you put three twenty-something gay comedians into one Midsumma show?

What's Brendan Maclean spinning?2

What's Brendan Maclean spinning?

By Same Same 11th Jan, 2013

On the sides of all Same Same's articles through January you can press play to hear an eclectic collection of songs triple j presenter Brendan Maclean loves.

Same Same's giant Jurassic Lounge line-up!25

Same Same's giant Jurassic Lounge line-up!

By Same Same 15th Oct, 2012

We're taking over The Australian Museum for an after-hours adventure, featuring an all-new line-up of the city’s most exciting emerging artists and performers, all under the haunting eyes of the Jurassic Lounge’s dinosaur skeletons.

Same Same's Sweet Tooth!624

Same Same's Sweet Tooth!

By Same Same 27th Aug, 2012

We're throwing a gay indie night in Sydney this Thursday and you're invited.

Sydney's got Titanic talent for two huge fundraisers

Sydney's got Titanic talent for two huge fundraisers

By Matt Akersten 19th Jun, 2012

Man-of-many-talents Brendan Maclean will appear as half of the world's first gay pop duet this weekend and then debate the merits and pitfalls of fag-haggery next week as Sydney's set for two exciting LGBT fundraisers.

Farewell the Monorail!18

Farewell the Monorail!

By Matt Akersten 28th Mar, 2012

Tomorrow morning singer/actor Brendan Maclean will don a straw hat and cane as he prepares to give Sydney's Monorail a special Simpsons-inspired send-off.

Meet Gerald, your wedding planner43

Meet Gerald, your wedding planner

By Matt Akersten 13th Mar, 2012

Musician turned comedy actor Brendan Maclean's newest project sees him become a hilariously off-beat wedding planner in a new web video series which launched today.

Brendan Maclean is Mardi Gras' young star64

Brendan Maclean is Mardi Gras' young star

By James Besanvalle 29th Feb, 2012

Brendan Maclean has been named Youth Ambassador for the 2012 Mardi Gras Festival so it comes as no surprise that this rising star is especially busy around this time of year.

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Matt Akersten Matt Akersten said on Wed 9th Dec, 2015
"Most people on the panel were amused by porn and could fi..."
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Valerie Hobson Valerie Hobson said on Sat 21st Feb, 2015
" I can hear some of them— Your only boyfriend, no..."
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Brightside05 Brightside05 said on Thu 31st Jan, 2013
"A twunk has muscles. A twink who gets older and acts the ..."
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Matt Akersten Matt Akersten said on Tue 23rd Oct, 2012
"Thanks to everyone who joined us! What a night. Here's ou..."
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NATEE NATEE said on Mon 15th Oct, 2012
"I might go actually :). Sounds fun aye "