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We're off to see the Wizard… in 3D

We're off to see the Wizard… in 3D

By Matt Akersten 5th Sep, 2013

Even the Prime Minister's over the rainbow as camp classic movie The Wizard of Oz comes to cinemas this weekend in 3D for the first time in Australia.

Rudd leads Labor's big marriage push6

Rudd leads Labor's big marriage push

By Matt Akersten 13th Aug, 2013

"The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is proud to stand with all Australians who believe it's time for marriage equality in Australia."

Rudd: Marriage equality bill within 100 days53

Rudd: Marriage equality bill within 100 days

By Matt Akersten 11th Aug, 2013

If Labor's Kevin Rudd is re-elected Prime Minister, a new bill for marriage equality will be drafted up before Christmas, he promised in tonight's leaders' debate.

Rainbow protest targets Rudd19

Rainbow protest targets Rudd

By Matt Akersten 2nd Jul, 2013

A group of marriage equality protesters are welcoming Kevin Rudd's support for their cause – and want him to waste no time bringing on legislation to change our Marriage Act.

Rudd's challenge to Abbott: Conscience vote or referendum44

Rudd's challenge to Abbott: Conscience vote or referendum

By Matt Akersten 28th Jun, 2013

"I'm the first Prime Minister of Australia to be a full signed up supporter of marriage equality," Kevin Rudd proudly confirmed in a press conference today.

Gene Robinson vs. Fred Nile for Q&A1

Gene Robinson vs. Fred Nile for Q&A

By Dean Arcuri 27th May, 2013

The world's first openly gay Bishop in the Episcopal (Anglican) Church will appear with NSW's most stubbornly homophobic MP in what's sure to be a memorable episode of the ABC's Q&A tonight.

WATCH: Rudd answers his critics111

WATCH: Rudd answers his critics

By Matt Akersten 21st May, 2013

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's change of mind on marriage equality is welcomed by gay lobbyists, but puts him at odds with PM Julia Gillard – and also the Australian Christian Lobby, who bizarrely today claimed his stance may help create a new "stol

Kevin Rudd now supports marriage equality14

Kevin Rudd now supports marriage equality

By Dean Arcuri 20th May, 2013

"I have come to the conclusion that church and state can have different positions and practices on the question of same sex marriage."

Rudd on sexual health clinic cuts: 'Give 'em hell!'12

Rudd on sexual health clinic cuts: 'Give 'em hell!'

By Miles Heffernan 8th May, 2013

The planned gutting of a Brisbane sexual health clinic with a large GLBTI client base has just become a national political all-in brawl.

Gillard traded equality for power?418

Gillard traded equality for power?

By Matt Akersten 23rd Jul, 2012

Vietnam veteran and proud dad to a gay son Geoff Thomas says he's sure both Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard supported marriage equality before Gillard ousted Rudd as Prime Minister – because Rudd told him so himself.

Rudd's daughter backs gay marriage75

Rudd's daughter backs gay marriage

By Same Same 8th Jan, 2012

Marriage equality advocates have welcomed the support of Jessica Rudd, the daughter of the former Prime Minister and current Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd.

Rudd: Anti-gay bullying's got to stop219

Rudd: Anti-gay bullying's got to stop

By Matt Akersten 31st Oct, 2011

Minister of Foreign Affairs and ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has now joined the global It Gets Better movement with his own video supporting LGBT youth.

Rudd's sister on anti-gay crusade42

Rudd's sister on anti-gay crusade

By Matt Akersten 14th Jul, 2011

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's sister is so against gay people that she says she'll quit the party if Labor supports marriage equality.

New PM - Gillard's got it5177

New PM - Gillard's got it

By Matt Akersten 24th Jun, 2010

Australia has got its first-ever female Prime Minister this morning, as the unpopular Kevin Rudd steps down as leader of the Labor Party and Julia Gillard rises.

Veto For ACT Civil Unions321

Veto For ACT Civil Unions

By Christian Taylor 24th Nov, 2009

The Rudd Government has vowed to override the ACT's new civil union laws which the Legislative Assembly passed earlier this month, allowing gay couples to recognise their relationship with a legally binding ceremony.

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