Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John's message to Daywash partygoers

Olivia Newton-John's message to Daywash partygoers

By Same Same 1st Oct, 2014

gAy to Z: O is for…18

gAy to Z: O is for…

By Same Same 12th Oct, 2012

It's time to observe another odd installment at our LGBTI alphabet, this time brought to you by the letter 'O'…

Olivia's amazing Magic video revealed95

Olivia's amazing Magic video revealed

By Matt Akersten 3rd Jun, 2011

The beautiful official video for the charity remix of Olivia Newton-John's classic track Magic has just hit the net.

Olivia's Magic new single211

Olivia's Magic new single

By Travis De Jonk 13th May, 2011

Olivia Newton-John is set to release a new remix of her Xanadu hit "Magic" next Sunday on Dancing with the Stars.

Xanadu show for Melbourne's Docklands28

Xanadu show for Melbourne's Docklands

By Matt Akersten 23rd Nov, 2010

The wonders of Xanadu the Musical will be recreated on stage in a special tent on Melbourne's Docklands in March before touring nationally.

CD – Glee #3 – Showstoppers

CD – Glee #3 – Showstoppers

By Andrew Grear 5th Jun, 2010

The Glee phenomenon is well and truly upon us - we're now on the third full soundtrack, one EP and a total of ninety singles!

Newton-John's Ex Alive?5

Newton-John's Ex Alive?

By Christian Taylor 10th Aug, 2009

The missing ex-partner of Olivia Newton-John is said to be alive, coming out of hiding to tell investigators to leave him alone.

Olivia Newton-John Gets Married3

Olivia Newton-John Gets Married

By Christian Taylor 10th Jul, 2008

Olivia Newton-John has gotten hitched for a second time, to American entrepreneur John Easterling. According to the UK's Daily Mail, the ceremony took place at her Malibu home last week.

CD - Olivia Newton-John And Friends – A Celebration In Song

CD - Olivia Newton-John And Friends – A Celebration In Song

By Donna Penry 23rd May, 2008

Olivia is out to help those who suffer from cancer once again, this time with a CD, featuring twelve inspirational duets with Olivia and her friends. All of the guest artists donated their time and talent for the cause.

CD - Anne Murray - Duets

CD - Anne Murray - Duets

By Ian Hogarth 19th May, 2008

Anne Murray - Canada's favourite country and western daughter - has released a 17 track album of duets. A world-first all-girlie album of country duets, or a record company flogging product?

What Simmered The Same Same Sauce Last Month?1

What Simmered The Same Same Sauce Last Month?

By Christian Taylor 1st May, 2008

Yes folks, the results are in. The top news stories for April on Same Same were absolutely scandalous.

Battle Of The Gay Icons116

Battle Of The Gay Icons

By Christian Taylor 15th Apr, 2008

Adam Sutton, Olivia Newton-John and Dannii Minogue send a message out to all Same Samers - dig deep and help change the way cancer is treated in Australia.

The Great Walk Begins12

The Great Walk Begins

By Dennis Dizon 8th Apr, 2008

Olivia Newton-John began her 23-day and 228-kilometre trek on the Great Wall of China to raise $5 million for a new cancer and wellness centre at Melbourne’s Austin Hospital.

Channel Seven Uncharitable?15

Channel Seven Uncharitable?

By Dennis Dizon 4th Apr, 2008

Brekkie Central might present a warm fuzzy image to Sunrise viewers, but Channel 7 is copping a lot of flack for allegedly demanding $130,000 from a charity to cover their production costs.

Luncheon Club To Benefit From Adam And Olivia Fundraiser

Luncheon Club To Benefit From Adam And Olivia Fundraiser

By Christian Taylor 27th Mar, 2008

Adam Sutton's Sydney fundraiser for the Great Walk To Beijing is on next Thursday, 3 April and now the auction not only benefits Olivia's cancer centre fund - a portion of the funds are also going to the Luncheon Club.

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"Xanadu - there aren't enough drugs to explain"
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"Olivia Newton-John, inspirational girl, Look at me, I'm ..."
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"awsome single! btw dan, when are you coming back down to ..."
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"I saw Xanadu in New York in 2008 and it is a fun camp sho..."
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