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Join our Tegan & Sara Hangout!1

Join our Tegan & Sara Hangout!

By Matt Akersten 24th Apr, 2013

Thanks to the Sydney Opera House, Same Same will host a Google+ Hangout with Canadian indie-pop twins Tegan and Sara tomorrow – and we want YOU to be part of it.

HEAR: Tegan & Sara's all time faves1

HEAR: Tegan & Sara's all time faves

By Matt Akersten 7th Apr, 2013

Just ahead of their Aussie tour, Canadian indie-pop twins Tegan and Sara have selected their all-time favourite 15 music tracks.

gAy to Z: Q is for…1

gAy to Z: Q is for…

By Same Same 6th Nov, 2012

What is Queerotica? Is it OK to be Questioning? Who are Tegan and Sara Quin, and what's so great about Queer as Folk? Find out as Same Same's gAy to Z reaches quirky Q.

WATCH: The Beibershop Quartet!1

WATCH: The Beibershop Quartet!

By Matt Akersten 9th Jun, 2011

Four British lesbians who admit they really do look quite a bit like Justin Beiber are setting the world alight with their cheeky barbershop quartet tribute to the teen singing über-star.

Tegan & Sara to support Jack Johnson in Oz7

Tegan & Sara to support Jack Johnson in Oz

By Matt Akersten 10th Sep, 2010

Out lesbian twins Tegan and Sara are confirmed to return to Australia again this year to support Jack Johnson's concerts in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Ian McKellen To Speak At Same Sex Marriage Rally1219

Ian McKellen To Speak At Same Sex Marriage Rally

By Travis De Jonk 12th May, 2010

Victoria’s Equal Love campaign organisers confirmed this morning that British actor Sir Ian McKellen will be speaking in support at this year’s Rally for Same Sex Marriage.

Tegan And Sara Add Shows4

Tegan And Sara Add Shows

By Jack Tregoning 26th Feb, 2010

The pull of the Canadian twins has not waned in these parts, with two more shows added to the Tegan and Sara tour schedule. With the duo selling out its shows in Brisbane and Melbourne, they’ve added second nights in both cities.

Tegan And Sara To Tour Australia3

Tegan And Sara To Tour Australia

By Jack Tregoning 4th Feb, 2010

Canadian charmers Tegan and Sara will play five headline shows for their devoted fans here in May. The sibling duo has been announced on the bumper line-up for regional rodeo Groovin The Moo, but they’ll also be touring the major cities.

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"Love the Roxette vibe on this one. Can't wait to see them..."
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"Can't wait for Gaga, Beyonce, Hurts & MKS"
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