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Obama's inspiring message opens Cleveland's Gay Games4

Obama's inspiring message opens Cleveland's Gay Games

By Matt Akersten 10th Aug, 2014

Obama won't go to Russia – he's sending two lesbians though2

Obama won't go to Russia – he's sending two lesbians though

By Matt Akersten 19th Dec, 2013

There’s no one he can’t dress up as and nothing he won’t gladly profane.

Equal marriage for Hawaii!3

Equal marriage for Hawaii!

By Allan Calleja 13th Nov, 2013

Read from two very different submissions on same-sex marriage.

Speaking up against Russia's bigotry25

Speaking up against Russia's bigotry

By Matt Akersten 8th Aug, 2013

US President Barack Obama has joined in increasing number of political and celebrity voices across the globe voicing their concerns about the way Russia is treating its gay citizens.

Meet the US's new ambassador to Australia29

Meet the US's new ambassador to Australia

By Matt Akersten 24th Jun, 2013

John Berry pictured is one of eight gay men newly nominated by US President Barack Obama to be ambassadors in various nations.

Gene Robinson vs. Fred Nile for Q&A1

Gene Robinson vs. Fred Nile for Q&A

By Dean Arcuri 27th May, 2013

The world's first openly gay Bishop in the Episcopal (Anglican) Church will appear with NSW's most stubbornly homophobic MP in what's sure to be a memorable episode of the ABC's Q&A tonight.

WATCH: Obama's pledge to 418

WATCH: Obama's pledge to "our gay brothers and sisters"

By Luke Mansillo 21st Jan, 2013

Barack Obama’s address to his nation today was the first time gay rights have been mentioned in a US President's inaugural speech.

Obama chooses 'voice of diversity'13

Obama chooses 'voice of diversity'

By Heidi Maier 10th Jan, 2013

Spanish-born poet Richard Blanco has been chosen to read at US President Barack Obama’s inauguration, an extraordinary appointment that makes the 44-year-old the first Latino and openly gay poet to be given the honour.

Proud day for American equality329

Proud day for American equality

By Pete Dillon 7th Nov, 2012

As the sun rises over the United States this morning, many gay and lesbian Americans awake with renewed hope for respect, inclusive leadership and equality in their nation.

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Dissily Mordentroge Dissily Mordentroge said on Fri 31st Jul, 2015
"The persecution of those considered sinfully queer will n..."
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"People who disrupt speeches: 1. Feel powerless 2. Are ..."
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Barrin Barrin said on Sun 16th Nov, 2014
"US President Barack Obama is the greatest President the U..."
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"I know this is weird but feral animal erradication progra..."
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"Heres some contacts to call and register your protest Boy..."
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