Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose to join Orange is the New Black

Ruby Rose to join Orange is the New Black

By Heidi Maier 6th Jan, 2015

Ruby Rose engaged to 1

Ruby Rose engaged to "girl of my dreams"

By Matt Akersten 17th Mar, 2014

Star guests announced for Perth parties11

Star guests announced for Perth parties

By Matt Akersten 26th Sep, 2013

Here's some exciting announcements for Perth's gay partygoers, with special guests set to get the parties started this Spring.

Attention! Ruby Rose raises an army224

Attention! Ruby Rose raises an army

By Matt Akersten 25th Mar, 2013

Three Star General Ruby Rose wants YOU as a new recruit in the fight against depression, bullying and homophobia.

WATCH: Ruby Rose's Guilty Pleasure1

WATCH: Ruby Rose's Guilty Pleasure

By Matt Akersten 9th Nov, 2012

It was only a matter of time before Ruby Rose tried her luck at making pop music – she's done everything else.

Celebs say 89

Celebs say "I Do" in magazine's equality campaign

By Matt Akersten 3rd Jun, 2012

Australian fashion magazine Marie Claire has gone all-out to support the local push for marriage equality.

Should mag models cover up?20

Should mag models cover up?

By Matt Akersten 29th Sep, 2011

The latest DNA magazine's cover is too hot for Facebook, while Maxim's new front page showing a stark-naked Ruby Rose appears to have the social networking site's thumbs up.

Kane & Ruby set for Dry July37

Kane & Ruby set for Dry July

By Matt Akersten 30th Jun, 2011

Tonight it'll be last orders for DJ/model/presenter extraordinaire Ruby Rose and My Kitchen Rules finalist Kane Lillywhite, who are joining a wide variety of celebs giving up booze for a whole month starting tomorrow.

Melbourne queers make Moomba history5

Melbourne queers make Moomba history

By Travis De Jonk 15th Mar, 2011

Melbourne’s queer community made a big mark on this year’s Moomba parade, with out lesbian TV personality Ruby Rose crowned Queen of Moomba and Melbourne’s Queer cultural festival, Midsumma making history by marching for the first time at Moomba.

Ruby Rose is racy for FHM213

Ruby Rose is racy for FHM

By Matt Akersten 6th Dec, 2010

Gorgeous DJ and fashionista Ruby Rose makes history this week as the first out lesbian cover star of one of Australia's biggest lad mags.

Ruby Rose's batty new video27

Ruby Rose's batty new video

By Matt Akersten 22nd Oct, 2010

Look out ladies – out fashionista Ruby Rose is fiercely swingin' a baseball bat in a new video for her latest designs.

Ruby Rose's mum: 87

Ruby Rose's mum: "It's the way she's always been"

By Matt Akersten 20th Sep, 2010

Ruby Rose's mum says her daughter had her unconditional support when she announced to her that she was a lesbian at the age of just twelve.

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Brightside05 Brightside05 said on Thu 18th Jun, 2015
"Can't we say tomboy anymore?"
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paula key paula key said on Wed 19th Mar, 2014
"It's always great when high profile lesbians celebrate th..."
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MrAsh MrAsh said on Thu 26th Sep, 2013
"Sounds fun! I never knew Didier Cohen was a DJ! "
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Light-Bearer Light-Bearer said on Mon 1st Apr, 2013
"I don't know where she finds the energy to keep trucking ..."
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MrAsh MrAsh said on Fri 9th Nov, 2012
"I enjoyed watching those few boxing bouts with Ruby Rose...."