Sam Sparro

Local shows for Sam Sparro

Local shows for Sam Sparro

By Matt Akersten 7th Nov, 2012

Hot Aussie singer-songwriter Sam Sparro will return to Australia this December to play the annual Homebake festival plus sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne, Same Same can reveal.

Sam Sparro for Mardi Gras Party83

Sam Sparro for Mardi Gras Party

By Matt Akersten 9th Feb, 2012

Joining RuPaul, Sneaky Sound System, Chicane and a variety of local and international acts and DJs at the Mardigrasland official Mardi Gras Party this year will be hot Aussie singer-songwriter Sam Sparro.

Sam Sparro Is Flyin' Home1715

Sam Sparro Is Flyin' Home

By Christian Taylor 5th Jun, 2008

As we told you earlier in the week Sam Sparro is coming to Australia in July to play a couple of gigs for his growing number of Aussie fans.

Sam Sparro Lets Madge Have It327

Sam Sparro Lets Madge Have It

By Christian Taylor 3rd Jun, 2008

You know Sam Sparro right? He's the gay Aussie singer who's just exploded into the public eye with his new song Black And Gold. And even though he's the new guy on the block, it would seem he's not afraid to say what he really thinks.

Sam Sparro - The Shallow End

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Local out singer Sam Sparro has been quiet for a few years since his debut in 2008. He's back with his new album Return to Paradise soon - this saxophone stunner is the first released track off it.
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MyBoyFreindIsGay MyBoyFreindIsGay said on Tue 4th Dec, 2012
"does he do any Pharnsey?"
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Light-Bearer Light-Bearer said on Fri 10th Feb, 2012
"How cutting edge. I mean - he was relevant in 2006, I su..."
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JustJames JustJames said on Mon 13th Feb, 2012
"that puppy is adorable. I loved his last album and also '..."
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DanM82 DanM82 said on Sun 15th Jun, 2008
"I'm going to the Melbourne show... Can't wait"
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Jae81m Jae81m said on Tue 17th Jun, 2008
" Oh timmy is sooo in love with Sparro - awwwww"