Matthew Mitcham

When Davey Wavey met Matt Mitcham419

When Davey Wavey met Matt Mitcham

By Matt Akersten 30th Sep, 2013

Fit American YouTuber Davey Wavey was super-excited to meet his Olympic diving idol Matthew Mitcham – but was trembling with fear as he ascended the stairs to the higher pool platforms!

Sold! Mitcham's trunks go for a grand610

Sold! Mitcham's trunks go for a grand

By Dean Arcuri 8th Jul, 2013

Matthew Mitcham’s personality wasn’t the only thing that was cheeky as he hosted the Closing Gala for the Melbourne Cabaret Festival.

Gay radio going all out for breakfast1

Gay radio going all out for breakfast

By Matt Akersten 1st Jul, 2013

There'll be some special guests helping Sydney’s newest radio station launch its all-gay breakfast show this week.

Amazing Aurora Dinner raised $53k1

Amazing Aurora Dinner raised $53k

By Matt Akersten 27th Jun, 2013

It was Sydney's unmissable star-studded annual night-of-nights to raise funds for its LGBTI community – the 2013 Aurora Dinner was a rip-roaring success.

Matt Mitcham's drug confession148

Matt Mitcham's drug confession

By Matt Akersten 18th Nov, 2012

Beijing Olympics gold medallist diver Matthew Mitcham has revealed a surprising secret in his tell-all book – last year he battled with a methamphetamine addiction which almost ended his sporting career.

gAy to Z: M is for...2

gAy to Z: M is for...

By Same Same 25th Sep, 2012

Midsumma, Mardi Gras, Matthew Mitcham, Marlene Dietrich, Marriage and Magda Szubanski all get mentions as our gAy to Z reaches M.

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Sherman Sherman said on Fri 6th Mar, 2015
"Made me cry. i miss him Mum."
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Valerie Hobson Valerie Hobson said on Tue 3rd Mar, 2015
" He was mega-exaggerating to sell his memoirs (which c..."
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coast_boy_21 coast_boy_21 said on Fri 10th Oct, 2014
"An old Sunrise interview with Matt if anyones interested...."
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wysi wysi said on Thu 4th Sep, 2014
" edited ;)"
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The_Freak The_Freak said on Fri 1st Aug, 2014
"Congratulations Mr Mitcham on your outstanding achievemen..."