Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue for Mardi Gras Party1

Dannii Minogue for Mardi Gras Party

By Same Same 18th Feb, 2015

Who'll headline at Mardi Gras 2013?1

Who'll headline at Mardi Gras 2013?

By Matt Akersten 19th Oct, 2012

The Sydney Mardi Gras crew are hinting that a "blast from the past" special guest will be sought for its 35th anniversary Parade and Party night on Saturday 2 March 2013.


"We are Divine Knights!"

By Matt Akersten 1st May, 2012

Two dark but sparkly misfits surprised and captivated the crew on Australia's Got Talent last night – and the judges didn't know what to make of them.

Drag act steals the show on Australia's Got Talent35

Drag act steals the show on Australia's Got Talent

By Travis De Jonk 25th May, 2011

WATCH: A singing drag act has stolen the show on Australia’s Got Talent.

Don’t say “that’s so gay” to Dannii76

Don’t say “that’s so gay” to Dannii

By Christopher Kostakis 21st Feb, 2011

Dannii Minogue says she's bugged by people saying "that's gay" to mean something bad - and she knows those words can hurt people.

Opera House flashmob video revealed!39

Opera House flashmob video revealed!

By Matt Akersten 17th Nov, 2010

Hundreds of flashmob dancers joined clown-faced Sydney drag diva Joyce Maynge on the Sydney Opera House steps for a tribute to Minogue music at the weekend – and here's the result!

Dannii Minogue's a mum!310

Dannii Minogue's a mum!

By Matt Akersten 7th Jul, 2010

Dannii Minogue has given birth to a boy.

Kyle Joins Dannii On Australia's Got Talent118

Kyle Joins Dannii On Australia's Got Talent

By Christian Taylor 4th Feb, 2010

Kyle Sandilands may have lost his job at Australian Idol, but he's weathered last year's media-storm, and will now be joining Dannii Minogue on Channel Seven's Australia's Got Talent.

Mummii Minogue42

Mummii Minogue

By Christian Taylor 13th Jan, 2010

The rumours are true - Dannii Minogue is pregnant. The songstress and X Factor judge announced the news on her Twitter page, saying: "Woo hoo I'm gonna be a mummy!"

Dannii Minogue Poses Nude Because Of Debt8

Dannii Minogue Poses Nude Because Of Debt

By Joal Bryant 29th Oct, 2009

Dannii Minogue is enjoying life, but the singer and reality tv show host says she posed for Playboy in 1995 because she was in a bad place, and thousands of dollars in debt.

Dannii Versus Danyl?2

Dannii Versus Danyl?

By Christian Taylor 12th Oct, 2009

Dannii Minogue found herself in a spot of bother due to comments she made about a contestant's sexuality recently on The X Factor.

Botox Bad, Says Dannii34

Botox Bad, Says Dannii

By Joal Bryant 22nd Sep, 2009

Dannii Minogue says it was her sister Kylie's battle with breast cancer, and not being able to look at her own face, that made her turn to Botox.

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