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Melbourne queers make Moomba history5

Melbourne queers make Moomba history

By Travis De Jonk 15th Mar, 2011

Melbourne’s queer community made a big mark on this year’s Moomba parade, with out lesbian TV personality Ruby Rose crowned Queen of Moomba and Melbourne’s Queer cultural festival, Midsumma making history by marching for the first time at Moomba.

Ruby Rose is Tweetin' mad at Gillard16123

Ruby Rose is Tweetin' mad at Gillard

By Matt Akersten 1st Jul, 2010

Out TV presenter and newly announced 'Australia's Most Stylish Celeb' award winner Ruby Rose is infuriated at our new Prime Minister's backward stance on the gay marriage issue.

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Phazz Phazz said on Wed 18th Aug, 2010
"Although he would be arrogant as all hell, i've always fo..."
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Light-Bearer Light-Bearer said on Thu 15th Jul, 2010
"You're the one going mental cos I didnt fuck you. LOLZ"
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