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Please Like Me gets a third season

Please Like Me gets a third season

By Dean Arcuri 14th Jul, 2014

Josh Thomas's dreams come true2

Josh Thomas's dreams come true

By Matt Akersten 18th Jun, 2014

We do like you, Josh13

We do like you, Josh

By Matt Akersten 29th Jul, 2013

The first six episodes of comedian Josh Thomas's drama Please Like Me did so well, it'll be back with ten more soon.

Josh Thomas - Douchebag

Josh Thomas - Douchebag

By David Young 9th Jul, 2013

From handjobs to hiking, the gen-Y comedy star walks a road of redemption in his new show - with mixed results.

Stars dive into Celebrity Splash132

Stars dive into Celebrity Splash

By Dean Arcuri 28th Apr, 2013

The celebrities have been announced - get ready to see some spunks in swim trunks with belly flops galore as Celebrity Splash hits our screens.

WATCH: 411

WATCH: "I don't think I'm a warp in God's plan!"

By Matt Akersten 3rd Apr, 2013

Comedian Josh Thomas got the opportunity to challenge an Archbishop's views on homosexuality live on Q&A this week.

WATCH: Josh Thomas in Please Like Me411

WATCH: Josh Thomas in Please Like Me

By Dean Arcuri 19th Feb, 2013

Written and starring out gay comedian Josh Thomas, a new six-part TV series starts Thursday 28th Feb with a special double episode.

Look who's on the ABC in 2012102

Look who's on the ABC in 2012

By Matt Akersten 24th Nov, 2011

The ABC's TV line-up for 2012 includes a new comedy about a gay sci-fi fan club, and rascally funnyman Josh Thomas gets his own sitcom.

Josh Thomas – Everything. Ever.15

Josh Thomas – Everything. Ever.

By Matt Akersten 12th Aug, 2011

There are few more controversial topics on than Josh Thomas.

Josh on marriage: 626

Josh on marriage: "I just want a toaster!"

By Connie Ye 22nd Jun, 2011

Comedian Josh Thomas revealed one highly personal motivation to champion gay marriage rights on this Monday’s Q&A – wedding presents.

Josh Thomas asks: 2049

Josh Thomas asks: "WTF Julia?"

By Matt Akersten 22nd Mar, 2011

Leave it to a Same Same 25er to ask a highly pertinent question on the ABC's Q&A show!

Josh Thomas at the Opera House15

Josh Thomas at the Opera House

By David Young 16th Sep, 2010

There's a darker side to Josh Thomas than you'd think.

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shireboy shireboy said on Sat 1st Nov, 2014
"Just wished that the Patrick 'character' would return... ..."
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jonny_seymour jonny_seymour said on Wed 8th Oct, 2014
"Calling that douche kooky is offensive to all the people ..."
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coast_boy_21 coast_boy_21 said on Wed 2nd Jul, 2014
"I wonder if Optus is just using openly gay Josh Thomas in..."
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coast_boy_21 coast_boy_21 said on Mon 29th Jul, 2013
"I watched "please like me" when it was on ABC2 and I foun..."
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mark_ mark_ said on Thu 2nd May, 2013
"... thank god he's 26 and not 20 or 21..."
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