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Comedy guests to give Sydney chuckles3

Comedy guests to give Sydney chuckles

By Courtney Worrell 18th Apr, 2013

There's a huge number of hilarious comedians descending on Sydney soon for the annual Comedy Festival starting next week ā€“ and many of them are LGBT.

WIN! Laughs at Perth's Pridefest2

WIN! Laughs at Perth's Pridefest

By Alice Mod 22nd Oct, 2012

Two young funnymen are headlining the Laughs series of comedy nights as Perth's Pridefest continues this week.

Ballard and Hooper join marriage march9

Ballard and Hooper join marriage march

By Matt Akersten 2nd May, 2012

Popular comedians Tom Ballard and Claire Hooper will address a marriage equality crowd at a rally marking International Day Against Homophobia in Sydney on Saturday May 12.

Comedy: Tom Ballard - Since 19893

Comedy: Tom Ballard - Since 1989

By David Young 25th Oct, 2011

"He always comes across as the nicest dude in the world, even as he's tripping on acid at a music festival or plotting to kill an infant with the same name as his ex-boyfriend."

Two mums disturb Miranda Devine544

Two mums disturb Miranda Devine

By Matt Akersten 15th Aug, 2011

The Sunday Telegraph still describes her as a 'leading columnist', but Miranda Devine's latest rant ā€“ her darkest yet ā€“ is unfortunately leading us away from common sense and down a path of hatred.

Tom And Alex (And Margaret)169

Tom And Alex (And Margaret)

By Sarah Smith 7th Jan, 2010

Triple J new-comers Tom and Alex broaden their core demographic with the addition of Margaret Pomeranz to the team. And make us laugh.

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pete1000 pete1000 said on Fri 19th Jun, 2015
"And what was not mentioned was how backward Australia is ..."
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DougBear DougBear said on Sat 13th Jun, 2015
"By all means have someone on the on ale from the oppositi..."
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dani007 dani007 said on Thu 29th Jan, 2015
"last year was widely praised ????? where were they lookin..."
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coast_boy_21 coast_boy_21 said on Sat 27th Sep, 2014
"Got my ticket, His last standup show "Un-Australian" was ..."
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Lozza_oreos Lozza_oreos said on Mon 7th Apr, 2014
"Does S.A have something like this? That would be amazing ..."
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