Luciana and Cazwell for Luna Park Wonderland!

Luciana and Cazwell for Luna Park Wonderland!

By Same Same 16th Jan, 2014

Australia’s critically-acclaimed TV drama The Slap concludes this week.

Boy George for Brisbane's Big Gay Day

Boy George for Brisbane's Big Gay Day

By Matt Akersten 14th Jan, 2014

Our photo galleries have had a massive overhaul. Take a look!

Getting set for LA Pride!

Getting set for LA Pride!

By Matt Akersten 1st Jun, 2013

As summer kicks off in America, Los Angeles is looking forward to its annual Pride festival this weekend.

Sydney's massive NYE plans39

Sydney's massive NYE plans

By Matt Akersten 5th Oct, 2012

It's only October but Sydney is already turning its attention to the biggest night of the year, when global attention is on our gorgeous harbour city as it welcomes the New Year.

WIN! Meet Luciana at Nevermind!1

WIN! Meet Luciana at Nevermind!

By Same Same 6th Jun, 2012

I'm Still Hot singer Luciana will hit Sydney's Nevermind nightclub on Oxford Street this Friday – and Same Same is giving you the ultimate chance to meet the party girl.

Sydney's new 'dress up, mash up, muck up' party58

Sydney's new 'dress up, mash up, muck up' party

By Matt Akersten 4th Nov, 2011

Ever since Disgraceland announced it was finishing up at Nevermind, there's been a lot of speculation as to what was going to take its place. Now we've got the inside information!

Luciana for Disgraceland farewell412

Luciana for Disgraceland farewell

By Matt Akersten 20th Oct, 2011

After two and a half years, Nevermind's regular Friday Disgraceland and Saturday F##king Night events are finishing up – but will say goodbye with a Bigger Than Big guest star.

Betty is White hot!310

Betty is White hot!

By Matt Akersten 13th Oct, 2011

Golden Girl Betty White has proven – yet again – that she's still got it, rapping with techno dance diva Luciana in a new song and video.

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