Duncan Gay gets Golden GLORIA3

Duncan Gay gets Golden GLORIA

By Matt Akersten 8th May, 2013

Out of all the ridiculous and silly quotes and things people have said and done recently involving our communities, the worst of them won hands down last night at NSW Parliament's annual GLORIAs Awards.

Get ready to cringe again! The GLORIAs are back1

Get ready to cringe again! The GLORIAs are back

By Same Same 21st Mar, 2013

Which are the worst outrageous, ridiculous and ignorant comments you've heard about LGBTI people recently?

Devine’s fear-mongering earns golden gong32

Devine’s fear-mongering earns golden gong

By Matt Akersten 25th Oct, 2012

Out of all the toxic and downright bizarre statements made against LGBTI people in the past year, Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine’s ranting was judged the most worthy of a Golden GLORIA award.

Which of these gaffes are the worst?13

Which of these gaffes are the worst?

By Same Same 6th Oct, 2012

It's unfortunately been another big year for people making strange and offensive statements about our communities.

Wait… what did you just say?1

Wait… what did you just say?

By Same Same 19th Apr, 2012

It's on again – NSW NSW Labor MLC Penny Sharpe is asking the public to nominate the most outrageous, ridiculous or ignorant homophobic or transphobic comment they have read or heard in the past year.

Jim Wallace wins Golden GLORIA!111

Jim Wallace wins Golden GLORIA!

By Matt Akersten 4th Jun, 2011

It’s been a challenging week for the Australian Christian Lobby after postergate backfired on them, but how will its Managing Director react to the news that he’s triumphed at last night’s cheeky GLORIA Awards night in NSW Parliament House?

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Dissily Mordentroge Dissily Mordentroge said on Thu 12th May, 2016
"Malcolm Turnbull is the patron of Sir Moses Montefiore Je..."
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MrAsh MrAsh said on Sun 15th Nov, 2015
"The GLORIA Awards are petty and immature."
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M_a_r_k M_a_r_k said on Thu 24th Apr, 2014
"Society needs to wake up to itself! It's very simple: A p..."
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mark_ mark_ said on Thu 9th May, 2013
" :confused: How can you assume they are 'unhappy'? ..."
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mattrenwick mattrenwick said on Fri 26th Oct, 2012
"Miranda Devine - wasn't this the same "columnist" who bla..."
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