Queer as F**k

gAy to Z: Q is for…1

gAy to Z: Q is for…

By Same Same 6th Nov, 2012

What is Queerotica? Is it OK to be Questioning? Who are Tegan and Sara Quin, and what's so great about Queer as Folk? Find out as Same Same's gAy to Z reaches quirky Q.

WATCH: Geoffrey Rush in Queer as F**k57

WATCH: Geoffrey Rush in Queer as F**k

By Matt Akersten 3rd Nov, 2011

Melbourne's gay YouTube drama is taking an increasingly dark comedy turn as it mixes life-and-death crisis with saucy shenanigans and amazing guest stars.

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Tigerland Tigerland said on Sat 30th Mar, 2013
"The latest edition to the cast lineup is so fuckable it's..."
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ammonite ammonite said on Thu 15th Mar, 2012
"Denise Scott's best line ever http://www.youtube.com/w..."
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Queer as F**k

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