This Easter, God has a Grindr message for you6

This Easter, God has a Grindr message for you

By Matt Akersten 21st Apr, 2014

You're more than just a torso356

You're more than just a torso

By Matt Akersten 14th Mar, 2013

If you log on to all-male dating app Grindr in certain areas, a sea of headless chests greets you. Does that get you down?

Has Joel found love?138

Has Joel found love?

By Matt Akersten 12th Mar, 2013

This single 28-year-old Sydneysider was thrilled to go on a date with an attractive Canadian guy – but will there be a second encounter?

gAy to Z: G is for...15

gAy to Z: G is for...

By Same Same 11th Sep, 2012

As our educational alphabet continues, we discover Gaga, Gaydar, Gaybies, Grindr and the suddenly sparkling phenomenon of Glitter Bombing...

Grindr overload in London!10

Grindr overload in London!

By Matt Akersten 23rd Jul, 2012

A flood of new people logging into Grindr as Olympic Games athletes arrive in East London has led to a brief outage of the gay 'social networking' app as it struggles to keep up with demand.

Twink? Bear? Why one word labels just don't cut it1019

Twink? Bear? Why one word labels just don't cut it

By Christian Baines 2nd Jul, 2012

They'll speed up your Grindr search. But does our lazy addiction to labels do us more harm than good?

Bears or twinks? Grindr reveals new features17

Bears or twinks? Grindr reveals new features

By Matt Akersten 19th Jun, 2012

A new addition to the features of ubiquitous gay hook-up mobile app Grindr will see its users be able to categorise themselves into Bears, Jocks, Twinks or Muscle men.

Bleep! Stephen Fry's got a new Grindr message528

Bleep! Stephen Fry's got a new Grindr message

By Matt Akersten 26th Oct, 2011

Melbournites, how many metres away from Stephen Fry are you? Hop on Grindr to find out!

Mixed reaction to hetero Grindr28

Mixed reaction to hetero Grindr

By Travis De Jonk 10th Oct, 2011

After months of hearsay and speculation, the creators of the notorious geosocial gay hook up app Grindr have finally released its hetero version, called Blendr.

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local_warming local_warming said on Wed 9th Dec, 2015
" Agreed entirely . The plethora of fake profiles are b..."
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sugarwalls sugarwalls said on Sat 14th Nov, 2015
"@ a_youngster But oh so true!"
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Lachness Lachness said on Fri 4th Sep, 2015
"@ Asherbella. I think there is plenty of soft porn alread..."
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JackAlison JackAlison said on Wed 15th Oct, 2014
"Its a great idea and Im very happy that the dreary nature..."
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bramerah bramerah said on Sat 17th May, 2014
" I heard that news in China. A gay guy was killed by h..."
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