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Greenwich: Lockouts could be a disaster

Greenwich: Lockouts could be a disaster

By Alex Greenwich 27th Feb, 2014

NSW private schools must not discriminate5

NSW private schools must not discriminate

By Matt Akersten 20th Nov, 2013

St. Petersburg wants to push its gay people underground.

MP hits out at Mardi Gras 1

MP hits out at Mardi Gras "over-policing"

By Miles Heffernan 30th Aug, 2013

Crime's decreased in recent years, but the police's "in your face" tactics on Oxford Street and during Mardi Gras have increased – and that's agitating the community, suggests a member of NSW Legislative Council.

Speaking up against Russia's bigotry25

Speaking up against Russia's bigotry

By Matt Akersten 8th Aug, 2013

US President Barack Obama has joined in increasing number of political and celebrity voices across the globe voicing their concerns about the way Russia is treating its gay citizens.

NSW schools can still block gay students

NSW schools can still block gay students

By Matt Akersten 8th Jul, 2013

"Currently in NSW students can cruelly be expelled for being gay," says Sydney's Independent MP Alex Greenwich. "This is wrong and my bill will end this."

Amazing Aurora Dinner raised $53k1

Amazing Aurora Dinner raised $53k

By Matt Akersten 27th Jun, 2013

It was Sydney's unmissable star-studded annual night-of-nights to raise funds for its LGBTI community – the 2013 Aurora Dinner was a rip-roaring success.

Gene Robinson vs. Fred Nile for Q&A1

Gene Robinson vs. Fred Nile for Q&A

By Dean Arcuri 27th May, 2013

The world's first openly gay Bishop in the Episcopal (Anglican) Church will appear with NSW's most stubbornly homophobic MP in what's sure to be a memorable episode of the ABC's Q&A tonight.

The end of the rainbow148

The end of the rainbow

By Matt Akersten 10th Apr, 2013

As Darlinghurst residents looked on in horror last night, Oxford Street's rainbow crossing was hacked apart and replaced with tombstone-evoking asphalt.

Sydney rally: 587

Sydney rally: "Stop the bashings. Justice now!"

By Matt Akersten 8th Mar, 2013

Rallying against alleged police brutality at Saturday's Sydney Mardi Gras, a large, spirited but non-violent crowd gathered tonight to send NSW Police a message.

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"australia 2014...same sh$t,different day..."
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