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Queensland takes HIV testing on the road

Queensland takes HIV testing on the road

By Same Same 29th Oct, 2014

Queer broadcaster recognised in Volunteer Awards

Queer broadcaster recognised in Volunteer Awards

By Dean Arcuri 28th May, 2013

Melbourne queer radio identity, JOY94.9 FM broadcaster, Living Positive Victoria volunteer and ENUF Ambassador Dean Beck has been recognised at the 2013 Minister for Health Volunteer Awards.


"Together, we’ve worked out how to manage HIV" - Leatherman adds his voice to ENUF

By Dean Arcuri 19th Apr, 2013

Mr International Leather contestant Ben Riethmuller is speaking up about HIV stigma and discrimination by sharing his story as the latest Ambassador for the ENUF campaign.

Radio presenter reveals 35

Radio presenter reveals "I'm HIV positive"

By Dean Arcuri 17th Oct, 2012

A JOY 94.9 radio presenter will, for the first time, publicly reveal his own HIV positive status.

Aussie Olympian says he's HIV+22

Aussie Olympian says he's HIV+

By Matt Akersten 8th Aug, 2012

A local star of the Sydney Olympics in 2000, trampolinist Ji Wallace has today confirmed he's living with HIV.

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ernesto_1 ernesto_1 said on Sun 21st Oct, 2012
"jonnie t is just so good with words * swoons*"
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