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Beastly reviews for Bernardi's book20

Beastly reviews for Bernardi's book

By Matt Akersten 7th Jan, 2014

Fighting against transphobic hatred on Facebook.


"I was right!" No Bernardi, you're still wrong

By Michael Nguyen 18th Jun, 2013

Australian Marriage Equality has called for Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi to be disciplined for more offensive comments about same-sex marriage.

Which of these gaffes are the worst?13

Which of these gaffes are the worst?

By Same Same 6th Oct, 2012

It's unfortunately been another big year for people making strange and offensive statements about our communities.

Busy day for beastly Bernardi5

Busy day for beastly Bernardi

By Matt Akersten 20th Sep, 2012

The Liberal MP who resigned as Tony Abbott’s Parliamentary Secretary after outrage over his comments likening same-sex marriage with polygamy and bestiality isn't backing down off his comments and spent yesterday crafting a campaign for his own reinstat

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Dissily Mordentroge Dissily Mordentroge said on Sat 1st Aug, 2015
"Just pass the legislation FFS What is this a 2 politician..."
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a_youngster a_youngster said on Wed 15th Jul, 2015
"So in one corner we have a an out, lesbian, asian female ..."
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ticklemehomo ticklemehomo said on Sat 14th Jun, 2014
" and maybe he could marry a pig."
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mark_ mark_ said on Thu 20th Jun, 2013
" You so funny, Ted. I thought your name was TedNegro.:ro..."
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Asherbella Asherbella said on Sun 21st Oct, 2012
"All of the comments detailed in this article are equall..."
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