Midsumma Carnival

Midsumma's just getting started!22

Midsumma's just getting started!

By Dean Arcuri 14th Jan, 2013

Melbourne's Midsumma Festival got underway with a colourful and fabulous Carnival at Birrarung Marr yesterday. Get in amongst the diverse selection of events happening right through the rest of the month!

Midsumma 2013 Festival launched2

Midsumma 2013 Festival launched

By Dean Arcuri 23rd Nov, 2012

In January 2013, Melbourne's annual LGBTI festival will mark its 25th year of the best in queer arts and culture.

Midsumma DJ search heats up around Australia11

Midsumma DJ search heats up around Australia

By Dean Arcuri 3rd Nov, 2012

In the lead up to the Midsumma Festival in January the Midsumma National DJ Search is scouring the nation for the best emerging Australian DJ to play at T-Dance.

Midsumma's 2012 program revealed25

Midsumma's 2012 program revealed

By Travis De Jonk 30th Nov, 2011

Summer is set to get hotter with Victoria's annual queer cultural celebration. Melbourne's Midsumma Festival has launched its 2012 program, and what it lacks in event numbers it makes up for with stellar local talent and bold edgy ideas.

Lesbian brawl at Midsumma3167

Lesbian brawl at Midsumma

By Travis De Jonk 20th Jan, 2011

The Midsumma Carnival Lesbian punch-up that shook the day and everyone is talking about has just hit YouTube.

Forecast Spectacular for Midsumma Carnival84

Forecast Spectacular for Midsumma Carnival

By Travis De Jonk 14th Jan, 2011

The forecast for this Sunday’s Midsumma Carnival is spectacular. We've got the top tips on what's happening on the day, as well as the goss on all the big names that will be there and when you'll see them.

Midsumma Carnival moves to Birrarung Marr

Midsumma Carnival moves to Birrarung Marr

By Travis De Jonk 12th Jul, 2010

Change is in the air as the Midsumma Festival announced that their opening event for the 2011 festival will move to a new location, Birrarung Marr.

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desmelbourne desmelbourne said on Fri 18th Jan, 2013
"had a great day, loved it "
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adamlove adamlove said on Sat 3rd Nov, 2012
"Playing at TDance is an incredible experience. If you're ..."
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MrAsh MrAsh said on Mon 7th Jan, 2013
" That's right! :)"
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JayTee JayTee said on Thu 1st Dec, 2011
" that's what the debate it about. personally I dont..."
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Brad_Woodford Brad_Woodford said on Sat 21st Jan, 2012
" No, I couldnt make it this year, but Im glad that it ..."
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Midsumma Carnival

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