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Big ideas in Sydney for the long weekend3

Big ideas in Sydney for the long weekend

By Matt Akersten 2nd Oct, 2013

October long weekend in Sydney is traditionally the home of the Sleaze Ball, but after a few fundraising misadventures in recent years, Mardi Gras is using this weekend to plan an even better Parade for March.

Mardi Gras shone bright with rainbow light13

Mardi Gras shone bright with rainbow light

By Matt Akersten 4th Mar, 2013

It rained the night before and the night after, but on Sydney's massive Mardi Gras night, only glitter rained down on parade and party punters.

Welcome to Mardigrasland!11

Welcome to Mardigrasland!

By Matt Akersten 1st Mar, 2013

After the parade, it'll be time to party with up to 17,000 LGBTI punters and their pals. Here's all you need to know for Mardigrasland 2013.

The stars of Mardi Gras 2013 are here5

The stars of Mardi Gras 2013 are here

By Matt Akersten 28th Feb, 2013

They've all arrived – and Same Same was there as Sydney Mardi Gras' international guests were welcomed last night.

Postnuptials @ Parade Theatre

Postnuptials @ Parade Theatre

By Matthew D'Silva 26th Feb, 2013

Mardi Gras always brings out some really interesting stories around this time of year and Postnuptials is one such tale.

Mardi Gras: An Aussie Affair2

Mardi Gras: An Aussie Affair

By Matt Bartlett 25th Feb, 2013

Part of the Mardi Gras 2013 Festival At the El Rocco Room, Kings Cross

Harbour Party: All you need to know37

Harbour Party: All you need to know

By Matt Akersten 21st Feb, 2013

Sydney Mardi Gras is all set for its gorgeous annual Harbour Party – in any weather.

Beautiful Thing @ Seymour Centre22

Beautiful Thing @ Seymour Centre

By Clem Mykytiuk 21st Feb, 2013

In its 20th anniverary year Jonathan Harvey’s Beautiful Thing still resonates with audiences, leading to a special moment for two audience members on opening night.

Art on show as Mardi Gras ramps up2

Art on show as Mardi Gras ramps up

By Matt Akersten 20th Feb, 2013

With just a few days to go until the Harbour Party, and only ten sleeps until the massive Parade and After-Party, the Sydney Mardi Gras cultural festival is in full swing.

Loreen for Mardi Gras Party!210

Loreen for Mardi Gras Party!

By Same Same 18th Feb, 2013

Flying in from Sweden, Eurovision Song Contest 2012 winner Loreen is set to join us for the Sydney Mardi Gras Party on March 2, Same Same can reveal.

Now open: The Mardi Gras Museum27

Now open: The Mardi Gras Museum

By Matt Akersten 29th Jan, 2013

Now's your chance to see a cornucopia of memorable items from Sydney Mardi Gras in years gone by.

Sleaze Ball replaced with Big Weekend661

Sleaze Ball replaced with Big Weekend

By Christopher Kostakis 6th Jul, 2011

Same Same can exclusively reveal that Sleaze Ball will not be held for the first time in 28 years, to be replaced with a new community focused initiative called Big Weekend.

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"Was is Dome Zepol ? the room/dance area in an oval shape ..."
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Matt Akersten Matt Akersten said on Wed 2nd Oct, 2013
"I added it in Ash. Hi to your pornstar friend ;-)"
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Matt Akersten Matt Akersten said on Tue 5th Mar, 2013
"Huh, yes there seemed to be fewer guys in Speedos this ye..."
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dougster dougster said on Sat 2nd Mar, 2013
" njoy urself dude. dont let th snifferdogs bite. lol."
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