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Matthew Mitcham Gets FirstNational Sponsor?

They said it was impossible, but we’re hearing reports that openly gay gold medal Olympian Matthew Mitcham is about to sign on his first national sponsor, just as he inks a deal with the same management as Ian Thorpe.

There has been much debate in the media about Mitcham’s sexuality, and the possible effect that it might have on his chances to land quality sponsors, but’s spies have been digging around and they’ve come up gold.

With our ear close to the ground, word has trickled back that Mitcham is very close to signing on to be the new face and, well, bum of swimwear and underpants brand aussieBum.

aussieBum was started by Sean Ashby in Sydney in 2001 with $20,000 savings. Last year they revealed that they ship about 1,000 orders a day. “We were fortunate enough to meet Matthew prior to competing in the Beijing Olympics,” Ashby has said. “Everyone in the company watched Matthew dive. To witness this man winning gold was a moment we will talk about with great pride – an Australian who chose to believe in himself.”

The rumours come just as it was announced today that Mitcham has appointed Grand Slam International as his new managers, joining the same stable as Ian Thorpe and Leisel Jones.

Grand Slam International managing director David Flaskas said he was delighted to have Mitcham as part of the Grand Slam International team. “Matthew is an outstanding young athlete whose performance in Beijing was breathtaking. He acted with great modesty and sportsmanship in light of his success and that has endeared him to all Australians,” Flaskas said.

“Winning gold in Beijing was an amazing experience for me,” said Mitcham. “I’ve been overwhelmed with the public’s response to my achievement and am looking forward to the road ahead.”

Update: Read AussieBum’s Response Here.

Nothing has been confirmed yet by either party, but watch a preview of what could be to come below.

Relive the Olympic glory with our Matthew Mitcham Beijing gold gallery here.

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timbo84 said on the 19th Sep, 2008

HOT! Bring that shit ON!


Thrawn04 said on the 19th Sep, 2008

You go Matthew! Go for gold!
I also checked out some of the other aussieBum clips and *drools*... such hot guys in underwear... why didn't I find this out earlier... hehehe


GenesisInVain said on the 19th Sep, 2008

i bet aussiebum's gold will triple after this


hazyinseptember said on the 20th Sep, 2008

wow.. was i on the money or what?!?!


Frostydog007 said on the 20th Sep, 2008

The beginning of a legend.............


DeepBlueDreamer said on the 20th Sep, 2008

don't forget Johnson and Johnson (i think) who sponsored his partner to go to Beijing.

Perhaps Tim & Robbie can convince MM to be the 'face of samesame'?
(Not that I mind their faces...he hee)


mick65 said on the 21st Sep, 2008

Matthew Mitcham ! our champion!


jimjazz said on the 21st Sep, 2008

bloody brilliant....and what a perfect brand too...australian made and owned...let's just hope he abstains from bringing out pearl


Topher said on the 24th Sep, 2008

Well done! Both are on a winning team!