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Parties show how gay-friendlythey are

With only eleven days left until Australia’s general election, these parties hope LGBTI voters will see them as progressive, equality-seeking, queer-friendly options.

The Fairfax Nielsen Poll has found that 65% of voters support marriage equality, including 75% of female voters. It also suggested that for 16% of voters marriage equality will be an issue that decides their vote.

So it’s important the parties are on the right side of history on this issue, and in recent weeks we’ve seen Prime Minister Kevin Rudd voice his strong support.

You can catch up on the PM’s marriage equality video here and see Labor’s It’s Time campaign website here.

The Labor Party has also released a cute YouTube video showing the various ways the ALP has helped LGBTI people through “building tolerance and inclusion” over the last few governments, both federally and in various states. See it below.

Meanwhile, it’s not just the ALP that’s reaching out to gay voters ā€“ and all other equality-minded voters for that matter ā€“ with pro-LGBTI polities.

Back in May, the Australian Greens launched their pro-gay policies, claiming to be “the only party standing up for full equality for LGBTIQ Australians.” here are all the details.

And two of the Australian Sex Party’s candidates uncover their policies under their covers in their new Laying Down for What Matters video.

“Australia is ready for marriage equality,” says Nevena Spirovska, who’s running in the Victorian electorate of Calwell.

“This is a basic human rights issue and we’re not going to take the pressure off the big guys until marriage equality is a reality,” she explains. “It’s time for our country to move forward.”

Watch the Sex Party’s video below. Don’t worry, it should be safe to view at work.

The Secular Party have contacted Same Same to point out their LGBTI-friendly policies also. “We in the Secular Party support marriage equality, and have done since we were founded,” says a spokesperson. “Our sentiments focus on religious interference in personal freedoms.” See the party’s policies here.

Other minor parties are making progress too. The leaders of both Bob Katter’s Australia Party and the Palmer United Party have both now said they’ll allow their MPs a conscience vote on the issue of marriage equality when it comes up.

“We don’t believe you should compel people to vote against their deeply-held religious or other feelings one way or the other,” Clive Palmer said.

Neither of those party leaders are speaking out in support of changing the Marriage Act, and many of their candidates in various electorates aren’t also, but at least a conscience vote will allow those of them who are in favour to vote independently on the issue in Parliament if elected.

We have no such promise from the Coalition. Tony Abbott is not in favour of legalising same-sex marriage, and says a decision on granting a conscience vote can wait until the party room after the election.

An increasing number of Liberal Party candidates support marriage equality in key seats, including Teresa Gambaro in the seat of Brisbane, Bill Glasson in Kevin Rudd’s seat of Griffith, Michael Feneley in Kingsford Smith and Kevin Eckendahl in Melbourne Ports.

Other Liberals who support marriage equality include Malcolm Turnbull, Kelly O’Dwyer, Wyatt Roy and Simon Birmingham.

Remember you can find out your local candidates’ stance on marriage equality here via the Australian Marriage Equality campaign’s Vote4Love website.

Please let us know if you’ve seen any interesting campaigning for or against LGBTI-related topics in your local area. Email [email protected]

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pawpaw said on the 27th Aug, 2013

Erm... love the Labor one. The sex party one - TMI going on there! I don't want to see my candidates NAKED in BED sucking FACES (OMG they have zero kissing skills!).

BTW, the Sex Party is handing their preferences to ONE NATION (homophobic redhead group)


CharlesB said on the 27th Aug, 2013

I, for one, am glad to see the spotlight on marriage equality.

I like the sex party video -- nice to see some honest, no bull election videos out there.

Bob Williams

Bob Williams said on the 27th Aug, 2013

Vote4Love Website is ridiculous. The ALP gets green ticks with "Conscious Vote" in brackets while all the other parties with conscious votes get orange ticks....... biased much!


RadisCarpis said on the 29th Aug, 2013

Vote Katter, save Australia. Do it, ya' faggots.


Simon666 said on the 2nd Sep, 2013

Yep, go to bed with the Sex Party and you'll wake up with Senator Pauline Hanson ... keep away from those guys ....