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A stunning proposal at BurningMan

Derek and Robert met at the Nevada Desert’s Burning Man festival last year. They fell in love at a gay party hub called ‘the GlamCocks’. A year later, they returned… with Derek planning a big surprise.

Burning Man’s an annual festival of love, light, heat, creativity, spirituality and fun which takes over a dusty desert space every northern hemisphere summer. Elaborate artwork and party spaces are created for the week of adventures attracting amazing people to come from around the world and broaden their minds. Then it’s all taken down, the Burning Man lights up, and it all disappears, leaving only the most precious memories behind.

Derek tells his Burning Man story. “We met at the lavender lounge in nectar village on August 28th, 2012,” he says of the first time he saw Robert.

“I was wearing a pleated cheerleading skirt, collecting guys’ addresses and info on the pleats with a sharpie, and he was wearing a turquoise and black Speedo with a see-through sarong and blue headband.

“I went up to him, with his best friend fawning all over him, and said ‘I really like your Speedo.’ We spent some time flirting in the posh tent. He writes his camp’s info on my skirt along with info that they are hosting a prom on Thursday night. I revisit his camp later that day, finding one of his campmate friends in a dust storm, leaving a note on purple construction paper – we still have the note – with detailed instructions of where I’ll be and when that day, so we can meet up again.

“The last timeslot I left open to come see me was at the GlamCocks sunset party. I headed over there after hanging with a friend, and he jumps out of nowhere, wearing tight red pants, a red cape, Christmas lights as a belt, and glow-in-the-dark body paint. Everything was history from there. We spent the week courting each other, falling in love, dating on the playa, and on the night of the man burning, he said ‘I think I’ve fallen in love with you this week,’ and I immediately agreed.”

The next morning, the two of them exchanged contact details, and Derek get up to leave at 5am, after spending every night in his tent together with Robert. “It’s still dark out when we leave each other, not knowing if I’ll ever see him again. An art car drives by, blaring Frank Sinatra’s Strangers In The Night, which is the song I proposed to. It fit our situation so perfectly if you listen to the lyrics.”

The couple visited each other later that year, and decided they were still very much in love. Robert soon moved from Los Angeles up to San Francisco so they could share their lives.

The duo returned to the Burning Man this year. To find out what happened next, click play on the video below. You’ll be glad you did.

Congratulations Derek and Robert! All the very best for your lives together.

So what’s Burning Man all about? Same Same’s founder Tim Duggan wrote about what it was like in Nevada this year on our sister site here.

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Lachness said on the 12th Sep, 2013

Attending Burning Man is on my must do list before I die.


Globewriter said on the 12th Sep, 2013

I never say it but thank you SameSame for making me smile so often.


TheOldie said on the 12th Sep, 2013

I so want to got to Burning Man.

Cute story

Kristen Leigh

Kristen Leigh said on the 12th Sep, 2013

That is def on the bucket list!


audiochemist said on the 12th Sep, 2013

Seems like awesome great fun!


KrustythePizza said on the 14th Sep, 2013

cutest bum = guy with American flag bandana