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OPINION: Enough, Everyone,Andrew Bolt Is No Transphobe

Guys, we have a problem. He might not be a transphobe, but Andrew Bolt is mad.

No, you don’t get it. Now he’s really mad, and has used his platform in everyone’s favourite bird cage liner The Herald Sun (when of course the Daily Telegraph has already been used in the cat litter tray) to have a cry about it, and let his echo chamber in the comments section soothe his hurt feelings.

You see, Andrew Bolt, for all of his rabbiting on about free speech (and heavens know he has rabbited on about it an awful lot) in the past, here, here, and, if you still have the stomach for it, here, still seems to think it should only apply to him, not others. Watch him, as he stares intently at his echo chamber of devout Boltians and lament the fact that he cannot be a racist without being called a racist.

Naturally, after this little fiasco, the IPA leapt to his defence, comparing him to John Stuart Mill of all people! There is something hilarious about a grown adult male desperately trying to disguise his own personal prejudices as ‘free speech’, while simultaneously denying ‘free speech’ to others. Incidentally, Bolt lost that particular court case.

Now, apparently having learned nothing, he has decided that being called a transphobe is a “disgusting slur” and is demanding an apology from a “gay activist” who “defamed” him in a recent article.

This is the same guy who was the subject of Crikey’s “National Andrew Bolt is a dickhead day”. I wonder if he tried to sue them?

SBS has also run a number on him and his wondrous diversions from reality.

Anyway, suffice to say, this is not the first time someone has taken a shot at Bolt. You’d think he’d have toughened up by now, but this one got the old goat right in the feels.

The quote from said activist:

“While News Corp journalists like Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine and Rita Panahi are on a crusade to destroy transgender kids, the Safe Schools program and marriage equality, it is completely unacceptable for any LGBTIQ community organisation to accept money or in-kind support from them,” said Aleph’s co-convenor Michael Barnett.

The activist in question is Michael Barnett, whom many in the community will understand to be a pretty reasonable bloke and not one to lash out with false accusations borne of malice and without research or consideration. Unlike, you know, Bolt and his named associates, which is the usual rogue’s gallery of Devine and Pahani (though he forgot Akerman).

I generally ignore the asinine drivel that leaks out of Murdoch’s basements, but Michael had, like many of us, been thoroughly devastated by the death of Tyrone Unsworth. Being called out on his attitude and blatant bigotry infuriated the Murdoch sock puppet, and he has lashed out in yet another hastily written and poorly executed ”article”(a few lines, really), shouting us down to prove how tolerant he is.

Hilariously, his most immediate of defences is that overused and tired old trope, you know the one, where one attempts to indemnify themselves from accusation by claiming an association with the minority being defamed.

You see, Bolt can’t possibly be transphobic, because he’s friends with Cate McGregor, and everyone knows McGregor is the only trans person in Australia, so golly gee he must be okay then! He then goes on to boast of his “tolerance” (surely his most vaunted attribute!) in not suing everyone who disagrees with him.

Here he is showing how non-transphobic he is in a spirited defence of Germaine Greer, which is pretty hilarious given he had previously accused her of not being able to read. There’s nothing transphobic about leaping to the defence of someone he obviously dislikes as soon as she says something he agrees with.

Here he is again being non-transphobic in his use of a quote defining transgender people as a ‘fashion’, going so far as to utterly deny it is even possible to be transgender. Wonder how his mate McGregor feels about that? Here he is having a go at Safe Schools. In the scary place that is the mind of Andrew Bolt, defending trans kinds from harm is socialist and Marxist.

But he’s not transphobic.

He just thinks that trans people don’t exist, that it’s a fad, that they shouldn’t be protected at school, and that people should have the right to say whatever they want about them.

Oh, and that kids can’t possibly know they are trans until 20-years-old or so.

Just don’t call him transphobic. Or else.

“One day I may snap” he writes.

Snap. I wandered over to the Cambridge dictionary for this one: “to suddenly become unable to control a strong feeling, especially anger”

Kind of how the rest of us feel every time your name comes up in a conversation, then, Mr. Bolt? You see, how you feel now is how many of us feel every time you, or one of your Murdoch cohorts, puts pen to paper, or pulls a super-intense “I am not a bigot” face on national TV.

But then, you assure us, its ok because its “free speech”.

“This is most certainly not how the gay marriage movement wins friends or arguments” you go on to say. Oh for Pete’s sake, Andrew, you and your lot are never going to be friends with anyone in this community, nor is Devine or Pahani, who for their part actually don’t seem to give a toss. You are never going to be an ally, and your support or friendship isn’t desired.

“The Left’s intolerance is being exposed”.

Why do you think that this is a left right issue, Andrew? There are many on the right, more right in some ways than you and your cohorts, who think you’re being an ass as well. You think you enjoy some privileged position as a spokesperson for what everyone is thinking, but rest assured, you certainly don’t. The rise of the loud mouthed attack dogs in recent years have brought disrepute on actual conservative politics, and right wing intellectualism, and it saddens me that you think that it’s only the ‘’left” that takes issue. Gosh, it’s almost as if you think everyone is as bigoted as you, isn’t it?

(As an aside, I really, really hate how you muckrag mouthpieces have become the mainstream of what is ‘right wing’ in this country. I legitimately think it costs the LNP much needed votes because your views don’t speak to the majority of those even on the right, let alone the rest of the nation. One day someone needs to reclaim the LNP from media whores and shock jocks).

For the man who once said “Hurt feelings cannot be a reason to close down debate”, you sure seem to be showing them now, petal.

“Why is holding another opinion unlawful?” you moaned in that same article, defending the fundies for distributing hate speech. You mean, like Michael’s opinion of you? Or does that not count? Can only the church and your mates in Murdoch’s basement toss around ‘opinions’ without consequence?

As for the accusation that you claim is ‘defamatory’ and hurt your feels, do you realise you sound exactly like the ‘safe space’ mob you often attack yourself?

Maybe it’s time you retire, Andrew, if it’s getting too hard to spew hate and malice without consequence like the ‘good old days’ which your pal Devine loves to harken back to. You know, when you could call a fag a faggot, and trans people didn’t even dare to exist. Devine, unlike you however, didn’t respond to Michael by whining; instead she simply wrote another attack on trans kids (which I guess shows she tacitly agrees with Michael!).

While I strenuously disagree with her piece, I can at least admire Devine because she is unapologetic about her views and doesn’t have a fit when they are challenged. And that’s how free speech works with normal people.

Take care, Andrew, it’s a slippery slope when you sue someone for speaking their mind.


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