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Dirk Caber And Jesse JackmanArrive Down Under

Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman have got two of the most recognisable names, faces (and other bits) in the gay porn industry. They are so friendly and down to earth that it can be easy to forget you’re having a conversation with a porn power couple.

Having touched down in Australia earlier this week, the couple are getting ready to drive from Melbourne to Brisbane over the next month, not only enjoying the sites, but Mardi Gras and ChillOut as well.

“We had such a great time when we visited during winter a half ago, we fell in love with Melbourne and Sydney,” Jackman told us. “We thought that if we like it so much in winter then we better check it out Australia in the summer.”

Between them they have a huge back-catalogue of work in the adult entertainment industry, with plenty of fun stories about the in’s and outs of shooting on set that they’re more than happy to share.

“Shooting a scene is a full days work,” Jackman said. “It’s nine to five. You start off with your photoshoot, then after lunch you set the scene with a full walk through taking more photos and after that you start filming. Which can take three to four hours for a 30-minute scene. There’s a lot of stopping and starting throughout the day.”

“It’s a lot of physical effort to stand there and reproduce that motion for 15 minutes solid standing on your tip toes at a really strange angle which you wouldn’t do if you were just having sex,” Caber laughed. “They’ve got to get the lighting just right in a very very tight corner between his buttocks and your hips while straddling a cameraman at the same time.”

It’s safe to assume they skip leg day before doing a shoot!

“There are some weird angles you need to achieve to get the shot just right,” Caber laughed. “I often speak about being the chiwawa mounting a great dane sometimes having to mount a person with much longer legs than mine.”

“There are positions you do in porn which, when you’ve tried it you understand why nobody actually does these in real life. Sure, it looks good, but it doesn’t feel good at all,” Jackman added.

You can catch the two as they get HEAD ON at The Laird this Friday night. A free event where you can get snapped in the “Down N Dirty”: photo booth or throw your hat into the ring to go head to head with the guys in a deep throat competition to find out how low you can go!

“It’s going to be a whole lot of fun,” Jackman said. “We will be using latex dildos and having a progressive contest and we will work your way higher, longer and deeper. I actually have a video on my blog that can take you through it if anyone was looking for any tips.”

While they’ve had plenty of practise to warm themselves up, it’s their musical backgrounds that have given them the tools they need over the years for Friday night’s fun.

“I used to be a brass player and played baritone horn and my teacher taught me how to relax my throat. The trick is to open up your throat, being able to breath and get enough air to play an instrument,” Jackman said. “Once you can open up you just pretend that your yawning all the time and that’ll keep your throat open.”

“As a singer, it’s the same sort of thing. Your resonance is in the back of your throat so you need to keep your throat open. One music teacher told me to feel like your sticking an organ pipe down the back of your neck, and that worked reasonably well,” Caber laughed.

“I don’t have a gag reflex, so competitors are in for some stiff competition so to speak,” added Jackman. “The Laird were such wonderful hosts last time we were here and we can’t wait to go back.”

“There are certain places we’ve learned you can count on finding a friendly affable crowd, and they will be places we go back to, The Laird is one of those places.”

“We get to go to places like this all over the world but we have to say the Laird is one of our favourites, I mean that sincerely,” Caber added.

You can catch the two this Friday Night for Head On at The Laird and to see where they’ll be in your state, click here.

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