Image for Biggest Loser's Sarah: "I feel fantastic!"

Biggest Loser's Sarah: "I feelfantastic!"

The Biggest Loser’s out contestant Sarah’s dramatic weight loss has seen her earn her place in the show’s final life-changing episodes.

She tells Same Same about her action-packed experience losing kilos as the nation watches…

A few short months ago, Sarah Moon was somewhat reclusive, ashamed of her 150+kg – and aged just 29, wondering where her life had gone. A photo of her at her heaviest is shown on the right.

Now, thanks to The Biggest Loser’s variety of jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring tasks, she’s dropped over 40 kilos… and the weight is still coming off.

“It’s absolutely amazing and it feels fantastic,” she tells Same Same as we phone to congratulate her.

A family mission, Sarah entered the show with her cousins. “My cousin Kelly was on Facebook one day and just turned around and said ‘I’m thinking about applying for Biggest Loser and it happens to be families this year, is anybody in?’” she recounts.

“It was about a two-minute decision. I felt ‘I can do this, I’ve got the weight to lose – why not give it a crack and see if I can get my life back on track?’ We pretty much applied for it that day and we heard back from them the next week for our first interview, which was amazing.”

Sarah knew they were in for a long haul of difficult weight-loss missions, which would push her endurance to the limit. “Yeah, I obviously had my reservations as did the other girls,” she considers. “But we thought this is probably our last to really do something about it – and while that chance is here, let’s grab the bull by the horns and just do it.”


It happened so slowly. “I think I just got too comfortable with my lifestyle,” Sarah admits about her gradual weight gain. “The bigger I got, the more depressed I got, and the less I wanted to do anything about it.

“I became lazy and that’s obviously not a good life to live because this is where you end up – you become the person you don’t want to be.”

After so long without exercise, she found the first few Biggest Loser episodes were the most challenging. “At the start I was lucky to do 20 seconds on the treadmill, and by the end of it I was able to do 20 to 30 minutes running.”

The rock-climbing mission, army crawl and triathlon challenge which followed were nothing compared to those difficult first treadmill steps. “I just guess that my cardio vascular system wasn’t up and going where it should have been. I really struggled – I eventually found that I really liked it, but it was just really difficult and it got to me.”

Sarah spoke to Same Same during ‘Face Your Fears’ week. “We went from Sydney to Hobart on the Southern Excellence and it was amazing. I’ve never quite experienced anything so thrilling and terrifying at the same time. But I found out very quickly that I suffer sea sickness, so for the four-day journey I was violently ill,” she admits.


Sarah’s family, friends, lover and even random strangers she meets have all been wishing her well as the contest goes down to the wire, with $300,000 prize money for the winner.

“I have some really, really positive feedback from people in the street and at shopping centres, plus online saying how much of an inspiration I am and this that and the other,” she says. “And that’s really fantastic.

“But then you do get people who are saying negative stuff online,” she admits. “You can’t be liked by everybody and as long as I feel that I’m helping somebody with their weight issues if they have a problem then that’s the main thing. If I can inspire someone to get themselves healthy then that’s everything achieved really.”

Sarah’s partner Kim has seen her girlfriend transform before her eyes. Next month the couple will share their three-year anniversary. “We met out at Ayers Rock,” says Sarah. “We were both working out there, and met at the local club – we got together and we’ve been together ever since.

“Kim has been absolutely amazing, she has from day one supported me throughout this whole competition. At the moment she can’t seem to keep her hands off me. I think she’s so stoked that I’ve become this beautiful, outgoing, confident person and she absolutely loves that. She’s never seen that from me before, she’s absolutely in awe.”


Sixteen people in four families started the race to lose weight on this year’s Biggest Loser show – and now Sarah and her cousin Kelly are in the final few. The end is in sight, so we dared to ask what she’d spend the $300,000 winner’s money on.

“I’d probably split it with my cousins who came on the show with me,” Sarah answers generously. “They came on the journey with me and they deserve it just as much as I do. I guess with my share I’d invest it, or put a deposit on a house, pay some bills, do the everyday things.

“But I’m not sure who’s going to win – we all stand a really good chance as we’ve gotten pretty far and are all amazed at ourselves.”


We asked our newly-slimmed-down reality TV star what she’s learned about losing weight during her incredible experience. Does she have any advice for Same Same readers struggling with their size?

“The only thing I can say is be completely truthful with yourself, have a food diary and write down everything you eat,” she responds. “Just be truthful with what you write down, if you have a chocolate bar put it down. It’s all about consistency and maintaining your health, eating healthily and exercising is really the only way to do it. It really does work – ‘it doesn’t happen overnight but it does happen’.”

Start off slow – for instance, if you have a king-size Mars Bar go down to a funsize, or replace the funsize Mars Bar with a healthy yogurt, she adds. “Just start small. Progress is the key; you’ve got to maintain your health.

“Nutrition is 70% of losing weight, and 30% of it is exercise. So even if you don’t exercise and you eat healthy you’re still going to lose weight very slowly.

“Obviously when I first started [The Biggest Loser] I was quite big and ashamed of myself. I didn’t really feel like I was worth existing to be honest. And now it’s completely different – I’m not just existing, I’m living, and I’m having the best time with my partner. We’re loving life at the moment.”

See Sarah’s progress and see if she wins $300,000 as The Biggest Loser reaches its climax for 2011. Watch 6:30pm Sunday and 7:30pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on Channel Ten.

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jamze said on the 18th Apr, 2011

^ I'm going to do this, not go on Biggest Looser, but have a completion with myself. Inspirational and amazing.


katie0912 said on the 18th Apr, 2011

Go Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were awesome last week with the abseiling mate :)


Sep77 said on the 18th Apr, 2011

She's great, but I'm devastated Meg's gone :( And LEIGH! Damn, honey!!!!


Sep77 said on the 18th Apr, 2011

And it was actually sixteen people in four families - get it roight!


MrAsh said on the 18th Apr, 2011

Regardless whether the show is a competition or not it's still good in that it's educating people about healthy lifestyles. Good on you Sarah!


ernesto_1 said on the 18th Apr, 2011

the show isnt healthy its far too intense at times.

Matt Akersten

Matt Akersten said on the 18th Apr, 2011

Yes, 16... fixed, ta.
She was lovely to interview. Nice to get some good comments on this story :-)


Sep77 said on the 19th Apr, 2011

Ernesto, the show's great :) Very healthy, with expert advice from Australia and the world.


Sep77 said on the 19th Apr, 2011

I'm actually surprised that she's still there. She has consistently been one of the smallest losers and proportionally hasn't lost as much as the others, but that she's still there and has a chance within two weeks - at this rate - of breaking 100kg is brilliant and I'm exceedingly excited for her. I hope that she wins! She's definitely the biggest character, expresses very vocally at times the excuses and moans from people who don't want to do the work, yet do it anyway - I've been there! - and she's gained so much life perspective and common sense from it. It's wonderful to track her journey.

But I still didn't want Meg gone :(


daverh said on the 20th Apr, 2011

Sarah's really grown on me, but Lara or Joe for the win!


Sep77 said on the 20th Apr, 2011

Joe?! Hell no! It'll be a major injustice to fairness and fair play if he wins!!


Sep77 said on the 26th Apr, 2011

Yahoo! Evil Joe's gone and Innocent Nathaniel is back! Sexy Leigh is still in and Emma is a hot mamma, but our Sarah is playing her cards just right :)


badamj2000 said on the 26th Apr, 2011

What has she done with that other woman inside her dress? Will she be arrested for murder?


Gloomis666 said on the 26th Apr, 2011

I am really quite over the problems of people who have to much food.


Sep77 said on the 27th Apr, 2011

I want Sarah to win but I really want Leigh to see me from across a crowded room and see his heart swoon :D


Sep77 said on the 29th Apr, 2011

OOOOh, another reason to love her: she made the Commando take his shirt off. She's a doll! He's a dream!


Sep77 said on the 2nd May, 2011

She's done it! Our girl's into the final four! She played her cards perfectly as she's left herself the right amount of weight to lose over the interim and, all being well, she'll take away the big prize tonight! It'll be the first live TV I'll have watched since November! Well, not counting snippets of the royal wedding.


Sep77 said on the 3rd May, 2011

I must say that I am disappointed she didn't lose more than 3.5kg in the interim period, but as long as she keeps losing, I still reckon she's a winner.


Sep77 said on the 3rd May, 2011

When was the show recorded? From that we should find out how long the interim was!