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Top 50 songs of 2013!

Press play on the top 50 tracks that moved us in 2013. How many of these do you love?

Any track that was on an album or received a single release in 2013 was eligible for this list – and the songs have been selected on the basis of what the Same Same team either couldn't stop playing or should have been listening to more this year.

Here we go. It's been another amazing year of regrettable pop star antics and all the memorable music that makes it all worthwhile…

50. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us

Mashing hand claps, gospel piano, slick bass and crackling energy, ‘Can’t Hold Us’ confirmed what we already pretty much knew, Macklemore and Mr Lewis are the real deal. Settling into the oft-fickle world of commercial rap this dynamic duo set the bar over and over since the release of their 2012 debut LP. Balancing the serious political with the lighter side of the universe is never an easy mission, yet as witnessed on their 3rd Australian No.1 single, Macklemore was born to do it.

49. Capital Cities – Safe & Sound

After long languishing in the background, the humble trumpet made a triumphant return to the pop sphere in 2013. With sleek based synth pop mixed with rich brass instruments makes a powerful combo that seeps into mass appeal suburbia yet retains its hipster wine bar X Factor. LA duo Capital Cities put their best foot forward from the lead cut of their debut ‘In A Tidal Wave Of Mystery’.

48. Nelly Furtado – Parking Lot

Nelly Furtado had a bad year. Returning with her fifth LP ‘The Spirit Indestructible’ in 2012 lead singles were met with a collective sigh of indifference and draw dropping poor sales, which really is shameful as Nelly F really wanted to change the commercial pop game. Coming off all M.I.A. via a Hollabackin’ Gwen Stefani, ‘Parking Lot’ is the marching band anthem for your next V8 drag race. With a funky stomp-clap hook this good I wouldn’t count Miss Furtado out just yet.

47. Zedd Feat. Foxes – Clarity

Dance music too often is lumped in a pile associated with Big Macs and Post it™ Notes, mass produced, disposable and easily replicated. Clarity features upcoming pop chanteuse Foxes, aiming for Coldplay-grade grandiosity and emotional gravitas via a Guetta-style robo-dance-anthem. 23 year old German producer Zedd treads a fine line between the commercial and credible, yet walks the tightrope with finesse. If this EDM phase continues to build then Zedd might be the next alpha.

46. Anna Kendrick – Cups (When I’m Gone)

First recorded in 1931, “When I'm Gone" has been re-recorded multiple times, but this version from the film ‘Pitch Perfect’ is easily its biggest hit incarnation. Though, upon viewing the video, if everyone in your diner needs a drink refill you may want to rethink the employment status of your current waitstaff. Not to be a backseat music video director or anything, but a three second pause in the middle of the clip where a customer exasperatingly pleads to Kendrick, “May I please have my Diet Pepsi now?" might have made this track 7.4% more special.

45. Olly Murs – Dear Darlin'

UK pop prince Olly Murs has slowly been building his reputation down under through a succession of mid-tempo catchy numbers, but in one of his quieter moments we find the former UK X Factor contestant lamenting a lost love in only a way Brit boys can. Heartbreak never looked or sounded so good.

44. AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It

The musical match made in heaven of Aluna Francis and George Reid is a powerful force. Aluna's feisty ingénue vocals paired with George's electro '90s funk is a whole lot of pent up sexual chemistry set to dripping house beats. If R&B legend Aaliyah was still with us today she’d sound a hell of lot like this fine slice of confident, burning electro-pop.

43. Lorde – Tennis Court

Dear Lord, nobody has the right to sound this good so young. This 17-year-old New Zealand native has had one hell of year; critical darling, commercial notoriety and the poster child of the anti-EDM movement. The former Ella Yelich-O’Connor is quickly finding her place amongst the heavy hitters of pop and coupled with the brooding, ominous and downright bombastic ‘Tennis Court’ it’s not hard to see why.

42. OneRepublic – Counting Stars

Mega-producer Ryan Tedder and his merry bunch of men have always been on the cusp of something greater since their 2007 breakthrough ‘Apologize’. From their 3rd LP ‘Native’ ‘Stars’ is the band coming into their own, rather than merely mimicking Coldplay and Maroon 5. Commercially viable, yet with its toes dipped in indie cool, this might be the beginning of the Next Big Thing™.

41. One Direction – Story Of My Life

The first thing that strikes you about the lead single from every pre-pubescent’s dream idols is actually how good this track is. A love child of Mumford & Sons via Ed Sheeran, ‘Story’ is a boy band taking a new direction somewhere wonderful. 1D might be famous for all the wrong reasons, but if they want to start punching out hits like this, maybe they can start setting things right.

40. Empire Of The Sun – Alive

The surprising side project of Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore returned after a long absence with something predictably lush. ‘Alive’ debuted their sophomore LP ‘Ice On The Dune’ with this sharp, crackling anthem to the power of love. With its head in the sky and its feet on the dancefloor, this Empire strikes back with a warm, joyous embrace that makes any day a brighter one.

39. Natalia Kills – Saturday Night

Miss Kills has always had a tendency to sit in the bad girlz section of pop occupied by M.I.A and RiRi, but on ‘Saturday Night’ there’s a sense of sense of vulnerability permeating through the slick beats. “Give me just one night and I’ll be almost fine / Remind me one more time it’s the best days of my life” would have to be one of 2013’s finest lyrical moments. The anthem for the saddest of good times.

38. Sara Bareilles – Brave

Inspired by a friend's struggle to come out, “The Blessed Unrest's" opening track and lead single is the Californian native’s most accessible radio hit so far in her short career, with unchecked passion spilling into her words on the dynamite chorus. Stay away from the Katy Perry comparisons and let the song’s light shine.

37. Lily Allen – Hard Out Here

After scaring the pop world half to death with notions of ‘retirement’ and ‘peaceful family life’ Mrs Lilly Cooper (sticking with her original moniker here) sets the world right again and returns in only a way should the anti-pop tart princess should. Ever the spokeswoman for the social critique, 2013 should not have passed by without Lily’s take on this whole twerking hullaballoo. “You should probably lose some weight 'cause we can't see your bones/ You should probably fix your face or you'll end up on your own," Allen purrs before repeatedly slamming the word bitch over ironic use of autotune. More pop records should be this clever.

36. Beyonce – Grown Woman

The all-powerful, mighty Queen B returned from hip-hop motherhood to the music fold with a triumphant Half Time Superbowl extravaganza (though please spare a thought for poor Michelle, her mic wasn’t switched on, clever B) and then decided to finish 2013 with music’s best kept secret, her fifth LP. ‘Woman’ has been playing on the WWW for and is a fan favourite for good reason. Tribal B struts and works it all over this dynamic Timbland produced cut and as her recent world tour demonstrated, nobody can come close to ferocity of the Queen when she’s in her zone. Bow Down Bitches.

35. Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull – Live It Up

“We don't believe in defeat/ That's why we're back for a three-peat," Mr Worldwide aka Pitbull proclaims on their third summer anthem in as many years (proceeded by ‘Dance Again’ and 2011’s epic ‘On The Floor’) and there’s certainly a point in that once you have heard one collaboration between these two (and producer RedOne) you have heard them all, but like Christmas and your birthday, this would be a fitting annual tradition. Jenny purrs over the thumping Eurobeats and Pitbull actually sounds 20% less grating when teamed with the latin diva. The whole thing is a party in a package and sometimes you just need your pop bangers to simply get you on the floor.

34. Lana Del Ray – Young & Beautiful

The former Miss Lizzie Grant came through 2012 largely with her brand intact. Hits (second album) and misses (the whole Saturday Night Live debacle) still leave the jury out on whether Lana has the chops to make it in this game. ‘Young & Beautiful’ led Baz Lurhman’s lush ‘The Great Gatsby’ project and set the mood perfectly. Widescreen scope and full orchestral grandeur, Del Ray continues to bathe in the darker pools of the pop genre, yet if it ain’t broke…

33. Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

Showcasing their Coldplay-lite style with 2012’s ‘It’s Time’, Imagine Dragons ramped it up a notch with this anthemic follow up. Powerful enough for commercial masses, but maintaining an edgy cool, ‘Radioactive’ typifies the kind of drama and excitement that turns a simple song into something wonderful.

32. Disclosure – When A Fire Starts To Burn

The breakout single from their exquisite debut ‘Settle’ British brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence pare the dance genre down to its bare necessities, ''When a fire starts to burn, right, and it starts to spread/She gonna bring that attitude home.'' Much like a spark, it takes time to burn, yet when it catches, the genius lights up the sky.

31. Haim – The Wire

Darling SoCal rockers Haim where there influences on their sleeves and none better are their influences fed than on seductive kick of ‘The Wire’. Coming off all 70’s AM radio these girls knack for slick production wrapped in sunglasses and convertible highway rides. So confident is the licked six strings of the track that you would wear your ex-boyfriend badge with pride if this is what they came up with as a kiss off.

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coast_boy_21 said on the 27th Dec, 2013

Great selection of songs!!!


TheOldie said on the 27th Dec, 2013

love the john newman clip as well as lorde's royals and had heard britney's work bitch a number of times at the gym then I heard it on full on speakers with great bass etc and love it

as for Roar and that Miley thing ..........where's the vomit bag


shireboy said on the 27th Dec, 2013

Can't Hold Us appears to be at the wrong end of the Top 50 !! A definite TOP 5 song

Safe and Sound - first heard this in June whilst in the US - loved it and then had to find out what it was - good to see that it made the Top 10 on Billboard in the past few months.

Unfortunately - I would scrap the Lopez / Pitbull song - sadly I wish Pitbull and any of those other 'guest' artists would rack off (and that mainly means that steel teeth ugly thing !!)

Roar - up for the worst song of the Year for me - terrible !!!

My songs of the year would include.....

Anything from HURTS.... DEPECHE MODE.......

Krewella - Alive
- it made the drive to Vegas more bearable :)

Zedd - Stay the Night :
- I much prefer this EDM track from Zedd - whilst Clarity is up there as well

Jessie J - Wild (Cosmic Dawn Remix) -
- again - please GET rid of the additional rap artists in songs - the original singer is much more prefered !

Mumford and Sons - Whispers in the Dark - I got into this band this year - Ok - some call them predictable - but the music created is just beautiful to listen to !

Pet Shop Boys - Vocal

- how can anyone pass this song ??


wysi said on the 27th Dec, 2013

My Favourite Song of 2013:
Empire of the Sun: Alive

Reminds me of a very important turning point in my life in 2013.


observer said on the 27th Dec, 2013

Anything by Adelle is my cup of tea (not sure and don't care when song(s) were released / written).

From the list above "Stay by Rihanna" and Video games (even though it is not on the list.)

On a personal level there is one song that will be with me forever.


TheOldie said on the 28th Dec, 2013

oh gotta agree on Adele

thats why I like Lourdes ie their voices different from the norm. Loved Amy Winehouse as well. Duffy can be a bit squeaky in songs but Mercy is my favourite of hers.

Anthony Mahera

Anthony Mahera said on the 28th Dec, 2013

Daft Punk are the bomb, always been a huge fan!

Bar Wench

Bar Wench said on the 28th Dec, 2013

Just a snapshot of my most played tracks this year, could easily think of a dozen without even trying...

The most impressive percussion I heard this year (consistent through the whole album, this is a highlight).

My favourite R&B track:

A pure blast of old-school pop: