Every float, every group– Mardi Gras Parade2012 revealed

Love Truck

Fitness Fairies
Travel back in time with this 1940s vintage fire truck decorated with messages of infinite love. Catering for all types of people, this fitness centre offers you a gym, swimming pool and acceptance of individuality.

Alphabet Souperstars

Hungry anyone? Scrumptious soup cans will warm you right up and have you eager for more! Entrants will express themselves through flavours such as L for Lesbian or F for Fairy!

Mars Bar Mardi Gras Collective

From Adelaide with Love Hugs and Kisses
With a huge spinning, reflective heart as its centrepiece, this gay club all the way from RadAdelaide is here to share the love through rainbow coloured lyrca hot pants, hot suits and mid drifts.

Love Will Keep Us Together

Angol-Pixie Productions
Marching Love Angels will steal your hearts whilst sexy dancers and fierce choreography make this a 'don't miss' float.

30 Years Young! Your Story is Our Story

Revisit the last few decades with music that will remind of you of younger years! Twenty10 is now 30 years old and still supporting homeless and disadvantaged people of diverse genders. Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts with individual messages and designs on their clothing.

Chrysalis – Emerging Into A New You

Newtown Community Group
Release your inner butterfly and transform into whoever you want to be! Newtown Community Group is out to prove this is possible and you'll watch in amazement as these crawling caterpillars undergo the ultimate metamorphosis.

Cheering for Equality

Bring It On! These bubbly cheerleaders are cheering for equality with the perfect aid of pom poms and sparkles. Following a 3.5m high sculpture Lady Liberty, it's clear these marchers mean business.

Chief of Parade
Shelley Argent OAM

High-profile LGBTQI campaigner, marriage equality crusader and much-loved Queensland mum, Shelley Argent OAM, will be Chief of Parade for the 2012 Sydney Mardi Gras.

Shelley is the national spokesperson for Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) and a prominent campaigner for marriage equality and to stop bullying in schools. She has appeared on Australian Story and been awarded an Order of Australia and QLD Senior Australian of the Year for her work.

Keeping Families Together

This enormous display of love and support comes in the form of over 200 parents and friends of gays and lesbians. Having marched in the parade for decades PFLAG has inspired countless parents to accept their children's sexuality and have collected a legion of fans along the way.

Love Makes a Family

Rainbow Babies and Kids
This vast group of over 250 people will inspire and move you with their mission of freedom. Carrying huge love heart shaped placards displaying personal and political messages they are certain to encourage change.

Destination Equality

Australian Marriage Equality
Over 100 participants will stand up for marriage equality as both a Bucks and a Hen’s party bus lead the charge under the theme “destination equality".

Snatch and Grab

Girlthing Float
This float will represent the right for two people of any sexual preference to be married with a beautiful replication of that special day. Flowers, decorations, wedding cake and all! See if you can catch the bouquet on the night.

Happily Married

Same sex couples have long relationships too and there should be no reason for this blissful duo's 'marriage' to not be legally recognised — particularly after 22 years together.

The Peel

The burlesque drag queens, kings and circus performers of The Peel show their support for Marriage Equality. Expect a banana covered ute and a lot of feathers!

Equal Love, Equal Rights

Tropical Fruits
You're invited to a fabulous wedding party with our GLBTQI friends from Lismore and Regional NSW. There will be plenty of pink, silver and glitter, so come and share the North Coast love.

Pot of Love

Mardi Gras Fair Day
A giant pot of love created by community members at Fair Day will be pushed down the Parade. Fair Day is the first event of the Sydney Mardi Gras festival and some of Fair Days wonderful volunteers will participate in this float.

Love Mandap

Trikone Australasia
Let this with this radiant replication of a wedding mandap delight your senses. Featuring a gay and a lesbian couple dressed in traditional south Asian attire saying their 'I Dos'. Accompanied by over 90 participants simulating a wedding procession this innovative entrant promotes same sex marriage with the energetic aid of Bollywood music.

Marriage – A Bicycle Built for Two

Clover Moore MP
Clover Moore's parade entry uses tandem bicycles to say that marriage should be for two people committed. Clover Moore is Member for Sydney and Lord Mayor of Sydney, and has been supporting Mardi Gras since 1986. She has long campaigned to get equal legal rights and resources and against violence and discrimination of the GLBT community.

We HEART Syd – Equal Marriage rights for all

City of Sydney
“The Love Float" is sailing towards a better Australia where the rights of individuals are truly upheld. This float by the City of Sydney is destined to receive a thunderous cheer from the crowd.

Marriage Matters

GetUp! Action for Australia
GetUp! Is advocating for change and invites you to participate in their interactive digital display. Parade watchers will be able to take action immediately and support marriage equality. How modern!

The Sequined Army

The Militant Gays
Rally the Troops for your marriage rights and marriage equality. We want you! Especially in sequins.

It's Time for Marriage Equality

Rainbow Labor
Without a bride or groom in sight, this float uses a troupe of revellers sporting matching colours to get their marriage equality message across.

Teresa Kompara

Teresa will once again showcase a stunning gown as she sashays down the parade route. Showing off her fabulous dance skills, Teresa will have all eyes popping!

Sexuality and Sex / Gender Diversity Doesn't end with Disability

People with a Disability Australia
Blue and white tinsel flows over a classic convertible leading a group of people marching and in electric wheelchairs. Complete with glittery cowboy hats they stand for the notion that “Sexuality and gender diversity doesn't end with disability"

Share the Love

On the cutting edge as usual, Google made the call out for people to send through videos expressing themselves to Flo Rida/Sia's “Wild Ones". The final cut will be unveiled on a huge screen and you have front row seats!

GLBTQI Liberals

Liberal Party of NSW
Bruce Notley-Smith, Member for Coogee supports Sydney Mardi Gras by leading the GLBTQI Liberals in the Parade.

Wayside Loves to be

The Wayside Chapel
What do you Love to be? Wayside Chapel loves to support everyone and shows their support for the LGBTQI community through this simply heavenly float creation.

Party Til You Can't Tell King from Queen

This beautiful float follows a Purim theme — a Jewish festival where people traditionally dress up, cross dress and party the night away.

Celebrating 40 Years for GLBT Catholics

Acceptance Sydney
Marking their 40th anniversary, Acceptance Sydney will enter the parade as Sydney's longest running LGBTQI Catholic organisation. Spreading the message that “we are living our lives and living our faith."

Queer Muslims Need Acceptance

Muslims Against Homophobia
Lively Middle Eastern pop and belly dancing music forms the soundtrack to this inspiring entry that promotes a strong message of “Queer Muslims need acceptance". Hug a Queer Muslim today!

God Makes No Mistakes

Metropolitan Community Church-Sydney
An amazing tree constructed from a mixture of wire and plastic will be sprinkled with sparkling lights and forbidden fruit. Plenty of Adams and Eves will be dancing about sending the message that “God makes no mistakes."

Wear it Purple

Wear it Purple
This energised float will be pumping with beats as this dynamic group made up of high school and University students raises awareness for youth suicide in the LGBQTI community.

All You Need Is Love

More than 120 people have come together from various church backgrounds to encourage a notion of freedom. “All you need is love" is the central theme to this united front.

It Gets Better With Music

Playing live in a recreation of an iconic Bluehouse gig, these Mardi Gras lovers will inspire you to sing along and wish you were part of the team.

Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers

Australian Federal Police
Who doesn't love a man or woman in uniform? The Australian Federal police is one of only two government agencies who are founding members of the Pride and Diversity program. There will be police vehicles and motorbikes plus AFP to get your authority fantasies flowing.

Fire and Rescue NSW

The temperature will soar as Fire and Rescue NSW is works their way through the Parade. They are here to promote diversity in the workplace and turn plenty of heads along the way!

Ambulance Service of NSW

The NSW Ambulance Service acknowledges and supports the rights, culture and achievements of the LGBQTI community. Marching in full uniform with placards displaying messages of acceptance and equality it's impossible to miss these Mardi Gras heroes.


NSW State Emergency Service
This fully fledged NSW SES emergency service vehicle is headed in your direction. Along with their bright orange uniforms, these entrants will be exceptionally eye catching.

NSW Rural Fire Service

The NSW Rural Fire Service is in the lead combat agency for bushfires in NSW. With more than 70,000 volunteers it is one of the biggest fire services in the country and includes people of all sexual identities and walks of life.

20 Years On – Not Done Yet

The Australian Defence will wow the crowd by carrying 20 flags to represent the 20 years since the ban on same sex attracted personnel serving in the ADF.

Report All Violence to The Police

NSW Police Force
Everybody loves a marching band, especially when they are all in police uniform! The NSW Police Force will be strutting their stuff in support of diversity and anti-discrimination within the workforce.


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Matt Akersten

Matt Akersten said on the 24th Feb, 2012

Here's the parade map a lot bigger:



MrAsh said on the 24th Feb, 2012

Right past my house.


mark_ said on the 24th Feb, 2012

Do you a balcony or a kitchen window?
Are you having your friends over for a party?


Lazzarus said on the 24th Feb, 2012

Sounds positively delightful Mr Ash. Do we collect the used condoms for later use? ;)


MrAsh said on the 24th Feb, 2012

Do you a balcony or a kitchen window?
Are you having your friends over for a party?

Everyone where I live doesn't bother, the houses next door do though. It's so much work and mess to have a party and it's better just to go out the front and enjoy all the energy and people. Every year we've ended up chatting to parade marshalls, yet sadly as the years have gone by I don't know many in the parade and I've lost my cuteness so I don't get really any kisses from the marchers anymore :(

I must say last year I meet Madam Lash outside my house, I was chuffed. Also the clean up doesn't finish until around 3 am so most of the neighbours are outside chatting and I have to contact the council again to remind them of their promise last year to steam clean the alley and remove rubbish and condoms the morning after the parade.

Yet as the years have gone on, you can see the whole thing has gentrified.


Asherbella said on the 24th Feb, 2012

A great article.
The spirit of Mardi Gras does indeed live on.
Infinite love. Great message. Great theme.


sneakos said on the 25th Feb, 2012

u so have not


lolz :)


dracon388 said on the 25th Feb, 2012

Organizing g5, super exciting :) - that priscilla style fluffy slipper is a hard act to follow though.


Virgindirk said on the 25th Feb, 2012

Pitty tassie didnt have an float this year:(


datkindagal said on the 25th Feb, 2012

ba ha ha

I found my tribe.

Love the FUR Australian Furriers
Whiskers will twitch and tails will wag as this group of furriers frolic along the parade representing their unique group — Australian Furriers.


seaman said on the 25th Feb, 2012

why would you have condoms in your alley mr ash? people can't help but fu-k during the parade?


genkij said on the 26th Feb, 2012

I will be DJing at the Club Tropicana - Parade viewing area right on Taylor Square - I would get as close to that area if you wanna see the best of the action .....I know .... Happy Mardi Gras Everyone !!!!


BoyJupiter said on the 26th Feb, 2012

I don't want to be disparaging, but...oh, screw it: Must we have V.Amo's "Absolutely Everybody" as a backing track to yet another float? o_O


datkindagal said on the 26th Feb, 2012

lol ^ absolutely over it


meezon04 said on the 27th Feb, 2012

Can 2012 be the last Mardi Gras before marriage equality Australia-wide??