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My Little Black Dress Run

In our hustle and bustle world, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time, patience and even goodheartedness to really give back to those in need.

There are many initiatives in the world that we can all rally behind, but sometimes it can be difficult to be really enthusiastic about a cause that you don’t feel a connection to.

Camp Goodtime at Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation provides support and education to children living with HIV and their parents. The foundation provides four days of activities and fun with their friends and allows them to just be kids again.

As a sexually active gay man, one of my fears is getting HIV/AIDS. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be born or to be diagnosed with the disease at such a young age.

So when I heard of The Little Black Dress Run, organised by the Sydney Frontrunners, I thought this could be a great opportunity to not only give to a cause that I believe in, but to also have a bit of fun.

I was right! I can tell you the experience is amazing.

I went to St. Vinnies opshop on Oxford Street to find my dress and was surprised to find a large selection. Sequins were everywhere – horribly placed but delightfully camp nonetheless.

Finding the dress was a fun outing with my friends as I performed a montage fashion show and was helped along the way by lovely older women who helped pick out the winning dress.

I went for a one piece with a zip-up back. It gave me an hour glass figure which I felt accentuated my hips and… oh I’m getting off track.

On the day, with what would of sent the editor of Vogue, Anna Wintour into cardiac arrest, most of the little black dresses, and there were plenty, were coupled with non-matching sneakers, which to me seemed a sign that it’s not really about the dress or looking the best, it’s about getting out there and actually doing this run for the cause and having fun.

Running in a dress is an amazing feeling that every man should try and I don’t understand why women are so uptight about wearing them. The breeze was to die for and if you are going to do a fun run, especially a 4km one in the summer around centennial park, the ability to take a leap and have a gust of wind cool you down just makes the appearance so much more… pleasurable.

This year there was an amazing turn out with over $36,000 raised for Camp Goodtime by a swarm of men and women donning black dresses and their accessory dogs. Some runners even brought their children, I would love to sit in on that conversation!

Anyway, drag diva Joyce Maynge ought to be congratulated for being such a hilarious host and really getting everyone into the mood by warming us up with her Maynge-A-SIZE routine, and everyone from Frontrunners deserves a big pat on the back. Take a look below…

Check our the video showing the events of the day:

I managed to raise $415 and after having such an awesome experience from picking out my dress, raising the money and doing the run (walk) I’ve promised myself that this will be an event I’ll take part in for years to come.

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Matt Akersten

Matt Akersten said on the 27th Feb, 2012

Cute. Thanks Jesse. Glad you had fun, and well done with that money you raised.


Lazzarus said on the 27th Feb, 2012

Every girl needs a little black dress ;)


dracon388 said on the 27th Feb, 2012

More charity events should be as fun and inspired as this.

And good on Joyce herself for raising over 3k.


Claytonian said on the 27th Feb, 2012

That was really such a fun day! I'm going to be doing this for years to come as well!


leeflea8 said on the 27th Feb, 2012

Kitsch camp altruism. Noice werk


datkindagal said on the 27th Feb, 2012

was just curious, were there any trans folk there?


Ruffnut said on the 28th Feb, 2012

Nah they were all just Tran wunnabees dear.