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Facebook's favourite CircuitQueens

The Facebook page Shit Circuit Queens Say has been giving its gay fans cheeky laughs for months. Then the guys behind it were geographically outed last week – a post got tagged with “near Woolloomooloo.” Sprung!

The page lifts the comedic lid on common phases heard at the largest and most decadent all-gay dance parties around the world. Take a look here.

Recognise any of these?

“I’m friends with the DJ.”

“What if we all wore matching short shorts, headbands, and suspenders?”

“If we get separated, let’s all plan to dance by the mirror ball on the left”

“Ugh, why aren’t guys this hot back at home?”

“It was fun, but the music was a little too vocally for me.”

“Why is your shirt still on?”

“Ugh, I still don’t know yet. I’ll probably just go as a slutty giraffe.”

And of course…

“I heard Kylie’s coming!”

Like all self-respecting Circuit Queens, the guys are now visiting Sydney for Mardi Gras, but they’re really from Somewhere Else. Under some local laserlights, Same Same caught up with the boys from Shit Circuit Queens Say…

Hi guys! Welcome to Sydney. Your Facebook page has made us laugh so many times.

Thanks! We’re totally flattered and are actually big fans of Same Same, too.

You accidently outed yourselves as posting from Sydney… but is that the whole story? Where are you from and what do you think of Sydney so far?

Yeah, it was a total accident, but we’re actually really glad it happened now. We’re Americans, but our biggest fan base is in Sydney, so it was exciting to let everyone know that we’d arrived, ready to party.

Sydney is AMAZE and the queens here are fierce. We didn’t know what to expect, but they’ve definitely shown that they can party just as hard as the guys back in The States. Everyone here has been super friendly and excited to show us a good time.

Are you surprised by the success of your Facebook page? How did it get started?

YESSS!!! We had no idea it would become so popular. We were recovering from a party weekend, talking with some friends and caught ourselves having the queenliest conversation in the world. The “shit ____ say” trend was just starting and no one else had thought of it yet, so we started our own. Can you believe @circuitqueen on Twitter wasn’t already taken?

We only had a handful of followers for the first few days, but then one of the biggest circuit DJs in the US posted us on his fan page and it blew up overnight. We were like “oh shit. Now we have to keep it up!” But it’s really fun, so we’re happy to keep posting and entertaining.

Have you had any strange and weird comments and situations which have developed since starting the page?

Every now and then something funny comes up. Like, most of our friends don’t even know who we are yet. Sometimes they’ll quote us and we just give each other a look and resist the urge to out ourselves. But we don’t want to because they give us some of our favorite lines! It’s hilarious to us when they say something and we just break out a phone and post it. They’re like “Oh my god. I literally just said that.”

And it’s pretty crazy when we’re at a party and overhear complete strangers talking about it. We even had one fan turn a few of our quotes into cartoons!

Find Shit Circuit Queens Say on Facebook here and Twitter here.

And take a peek at what Circuit Queens wear below… be on the lookout for these shoes at Mardi Gras!

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