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The Laneway - Old school chicmeets new skool cool

Once upon a time in a little Darlinghurst laneway known as ‘recovery lane’ the party people of queer Sydney could be found keeping the post Mardi Gras Party fires burning bright.

It was the late ‘80s and Hill Street Lane and the Beresford Hotel provided an after-party and recovery oasis where drag queens could pull up some curb to rest their blistering feet and reapply their face while party revelers carried on living out the Mardi Gras weekend dream in the sun.

Online cruising didn’t exist and grinding was something you did on the dance floor to Salt and Pepper’s Push It. People schmoosed and cruised each other in the flesh and this unique laneway culture offered the perfect landscape to make new friends, pick up a post-party root or see your old ones in the harsh light of day.

Two decades on, Mardi Gras are bringing this much loved tradition back to life with an added shot of party-adrenalin that will see it reborn as this season’s newest party event, The Laneway.

With the irrepressible Mogadonna as hostess extraordinaire, The Laneway will span across of no less than five fab spaces including the upstairs, downstairs and garden areas of The Beresford, upstairs at The Flinders and the outdoors laneway area itself, The Laneway will feature more entertainment than you can poke a spirit stick at.

The performance line up is looking well bred and features Jonathan Hellyer (of Bronski Beat fame) — who has been wowing audiences throughout Europe and the UK with his one-man show the D. E. Experience – and local electro pop hotties Garçon Garçon who have been spreading their sweet sounds throughout Sydney’s queer underground and beyond for the past 18 months.

The decks will be well lubricated throughout the afternoon and night when the extraordinary talents of DJ Sveta, Kate Monroe, Alex Taylor, Adam Love, Mark Alsop, Ben Drayton, Matt Vaughan, NatNoiz and special guests Beni (Modular) and Wayne G (pictured) work their spinning magic across every last inch of The Laneway.

Here’s the set times:


Beresford Ground Floor
12pm-2am Adam Love
2pm-4pm Mark Alsop
4pm-6pm Oxford Hustlers
6pm-8pm Kate Monroe

Beresford Upstairs
12pm-2pm Jonny Blue Boy
2pm-4pm Francisco Guerra/Zoe Badwi
4pm-7pm Dan Murphy
7pm-8pm DE Experience
8pm-10pm Wayne G

Hill St Laneway
12pm-2pm Sista P
2pm-4pm Jake Kilby
4pm-6pm Greg Boladian
6pm-8pm Chip

Flinders Hotel
12pm-2pm Nat Noize
2pm-4pm Matt Vaughan
4pm-4:30pm Garcon Garcon
4:30pm-6:30pm Sveta
6:30pm-8pm Beni (Modular Records)
8pm-10pm Ben Drayton

Adding nu skool cool to this old school favourite, The Laneway will also feature pop-up performances and encourages show offs of every breed and creed to do an impromptu show on the day.

The new event for 2012 promises to pull in original recover lane lovers and pop the collective cherries of a whole new breed of Laneway fans alike.

It’s the best way to farewell the gayest weekend of the year. See you at The Laneway!

Tickets for The Laneway are still available. Get them here now.

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