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Fry loves Aussie mass TVwedding plan

Comedian Adam Hills will make history this month when he hosts Australia’s first ever Mass Same-Sex TV Wedding – and he has the support of one of Britain’s greatest gay wits.

20 couples have already registered to take part in this non-legal TV wedding extravaganza which will be filmed on Monday march 26 and broadcast on ABC1 show Adam Hills is in Gordon St Tonight at 8.30pm on Wednesday March 28.

“Same-sex couples may not be able legally marry in Australia yet, but they sure as hell can have a great big TV wedding,” laughs Hills.

On an episode transmitted last month, Adam asked his audience the question: “If you were Prime Minister for a day, what law would you change/introduce?” The majority of the audience said they would legalise same-sex marriage.

Later, a same-sex couple – Elyse and Rebecca – proposed on the show. Hills offered them a big TV wedding, and later opened the invite to many other same-sex couples.

“If you’re a gay man, and you want to TV marry your male partner, you’re invited,” he says today. “If you’re a lesbian woman who wants to TV marry your female partner, you’re invited. If you’re transgender or bisexual and want to marry your same sex partner, you’re invited. If you’re a gay man who wants to marry a lesbian woman – well, bizarrely enough that is already legal, so you don’t really need us.”

Couples can still register to take part in the Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight TV wedding by emailing [email protected]

The wedding is intended to be a simple and elegant affair, but like all good TV weddings, there’s bound to be some unexpected surprises on the day.

Now Britain’s treasured actor and writer Stephen Fry has sent Australia his message of support for the mass TV wedding. Take a look below…

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Lazzarus said on the 7th Mar, 2012

He's such fun at parties.


Ranggatang said on the 7th Mar, 2012

Fantastic to have his support. He's right, Australian's won't be told......


Asherbella said on the 7th Mar, 2012

I admire Mr. Fry for his opinion, humour and wit.