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5 web-based tools I can't livewithout

By now most of us are using online tools well to improve our networks, but I can show you a few tools you may not have heard of to simplify the process and make you work better.

If you’re anything like me, I can’t imagine a life or business without social networking, and it’s helpful to find tools to simplify my operations and life.

I have over 23,000 followers on Facebook, and over 21,000 on Twitter. And sure, it’s not all been tricks. I dedicate a day a week to find better ways to connect and network, and try and engage my followers with content that is relevant and interesting. But I do have some time-saving and useful tools to help along the way.

Here are some of my favourites…

Works inside Gmail or Google Apps. When reading a mail item, your right hand side bar shows information on the sender, including their Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile, Twitter account and recent tweets! You can add them on these accounts, with one click inside your email, and even reply to tweets. It’s an absolute must have for me, I use this at least 20 times a day. Not only does it keep you networked well, but it’s recent, they’ve just sent you an email as they receive your invitation, so the reason is fresh in their minds!

A fabulous tool if you like to manage a few social networking profiles at once. Sync your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts (and supports numerous pages and accounts on these sites). SproutSocial will show you recommended people to follow, or unfollow, you can search who is talking about you or your brand and add them, and you can pre set auto posts – great for reoccurring reminders like weekly events you want to promote automatically!

We use Xero for accounting. I’ve tried a lot of online accounting programs in the past and have stuck with Xero and don’t see us moving. You can invoice from your iPhone, set up auto bank and PayPal feeds, set up rules for reconciliation (which is great when you have regular invoices / payments) so when it comes to BAS time – it’s a simple task. Plus the invoicing is beautiful. Super easy to use too!

I use MyGuestlist for all our database needs. Easy to use program to store all your contacts, whether clients, guests, press, fans – separate databases into interests, locations, age, sms or email, categories. In fact, the team at MyGuestlist can help you structure your database just how you like. So you can at any time send a targeted email or sms to exactly who you want. It’s also easy to create sign up forms for both the web and Facebook! My favourite part – every time a guest signs up, you not only get an email, but you can click and become their friend on Facebook – right from your email!

A great deal of people are using Tweetdeck already, but are they using it well? There is much more to Tweetdeck than meets the eye. It’s not only a tool to enable you to post across Facebook and Twitter accounts at once, but if you, like me, want to constantly find people who are interested in the same things- or conversing about them in real time. With Tweetdeck I have usually a minimum of 10 columns on the go. One searches the word Burlesque, another searches Sydney, another searches Jac Bowie. If we are running an event with a # like #missburlesque, I set a temporary column up for this. My columns are forever changing to keep up with what’s relevant and what we want to promote. This is also another great tool for the iPhone.

I’d love to hear about what online tools YOU can’t live without!?

xx JB

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Matt Akersten

Matt Akersten said on the 8th Mar, 2012

Nice one Jac. I'm on TweetDeck but will try some of the others. I'm jealous of all your followers! xx


jacbowie said on the 8th Mar, 2012

Thanks Matt! It takes work to get those numbers up, let me tell you! But yes these are a few have tools of mine that have certainly helped!


Dsquare said on the 8th Mar, 2012

Oh. When I saw the title of the thread I thought the ban on dick pics had been lifted.


CosmicRami said on the 8th Mar, 2012

Cool Post! I use Tweetdeck for my personal Social Work, and Hootsuite also for multi-business Approach.

Google is a major platform I use, as it has some excellent benefits of which I am already seeing lots of results with.

Currently conducting research into Online Based Project Management tools, but so far Basecamp looks the best. Along with Google Docs, cross collaboration becomes much easier.

Mailchimp for E-Newsletters / Email Marketing and also a huge fan of Xero for my business.

On my phone, I run my office with 29 Social Apps (some of the above more) but must give a shout out to NeoReader - The QR Code scanner and Echofon.

Utilsiing RSS Feeds helps also deliver quality info to me directly, without having to sift through all the white noise.

Now following you, fellow techno-geek! Great post samesame, would love to see more of this stuff! :)


TheOldie said on the 8th Mar, 2012

phew ! I was getting worried I was the only one who didnt use any of them.


Dsquare said on the 8th Mar, 2012

Why do you think I was trying to divert attention by making a bad dick joke?