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Don't get mad, get equal

Bob Katter’s rotten TV ad grubbily attacking Queensland Liberal National Party leader Campbell Newman’s pro-marriage equality stance got many of us hot under the collar this week, and the fall-out continues to grow.

But desperate ads like this are appearing simply because those acting against equality know they are rapidly losing their battle.

Australian Marriage Equality activist Alex Greenwich says we can all do something to ensure our voices are heard loud and clear over the other side’s nonsense.

If like me you were shocked and appalled by Bob Katter’s ad and the vitriol directed at our community since it aired, then it is important that we don’t waste our time on getting too mad, but instead focus on getting equal.

While we have all been distracted focussing on how nuts this ad has been, moves have been underway in Canberra to stymie the marriage equality campaign and bring in a 2nd tier scheme of relationship recognition that will act as legislated discrimination against our relationships. The theory being separate should be good enough for us, because some people are uncomfortable with “the gays” being considered equal.

This Civil Union scheme is a politically convenient manoeuvre designed to make life for some coalition MPs a bit more comfortable. If Civil Unions are voted in the message from Canberra will be clear “we’ve given you that, come back in ten years and we will then consider what is next”. If you don’t believe me just look at New Zealand, France or Germany this is exactly what has happened in these countries.

The saddest part of this is that the news comes as momentum for equality is as high as it has ever been, support continues to climb, and new hearts and minds are coming on board every day. Just last week once staunch opponent and respected Liberal leader Jeff Kennett declared he has changed his mind and now supports marriage equality.

So, now that you have let off some steam, thrown darts at your Bob Katter dartboard, blogged, tweeted and facebooked, it is now time to take a deep breath and take action.

There is currently a hearing under way that will decide the fate of marriage equality in Australia, and it is happening in our Senate. A multi-partisan committee is deciding on recommending marriage equality and they need to hear from you.

Federal Senators who support reform continue to urge me to get our community to stand up and be counted. They want to hear our stories and how discrimination in the marriage affects us and our families. They want to know how Australia will benefit from the reform. They also need us to drown out the crazy claims of opponents who are liking our relationships to polygamous unions with whiteboards, computers, and goats.

So, how do you make a submission? Simple – just click here.

Or if you want more help join ‘super-mum’ Shelley Argent and myself at one of our upcoming Senate Inquiry submissions forums listed below:

Sydney – March 17th, The Bank Hotel 2:30pm to 5:30pm.

Melbourne – March 18th, DT’s Hotel, 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

Adelaide – March 23rd, Prince Albert Hotel, 6pm to 8pm.

Perth – March 25th, Queens Hotel, 12pm to 2pm.

Our opponents may have a crazy ad with dodgy stock images, but we have people power and we need to use it!

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