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Here's the Newtown Girls!

The lives and loves of a crew of sexy girls living in Sydney’s quirky inner west suburb of Newtown are showcased in an exciting new web video drama. See the first episode here!

In The Newtown Girls, the drama focuses in on the women’s romances and friendships, aiming to be fun and relatable to real people’s experiences on the queer scene.

The first episode shows Scarlett arriving home after spending a year in South East Asia. Not only is she back, but she knows exactly what she wants. In fact she has a list, of all the things she needs to be happy, including finding her soul mate. But when she shows up on her best friend Alex’s doorstep she isn’t exactly welcomed back with open arms…

Let us know what you thought of the first episode!

There’ll be ten episodes in total, launching regularly from The Newtown Girls Facebook page here. And you can also find out more about the show on its official website.

Same Same went along to The Newtown Girls’ Launch Party in the Bank Hotel last week – enjoy our photos below.

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ammonite said on the 17th Mar, 2012

are those 4 in the pic the only characters?


HubbaHubba said on the 17th Mar, 2012

Is it lez? Or just inner city hip chicks?


TheOldie said on the 17th Mar, 2012

$5 but Asian girl is the token gay ?


datkindagal said on the 17th Mar, 2012

Newtown, bet there are some trans* woman in that one.