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Queenslanders unite againsthomophobia

King George Square in Brisbane on Thursday night was ablaze with the colours of the rainbow as over 500 members of the LGBT community and their supporters came together for a protest against homophobia and more specifically to show Peter Madden and his “gay hate truck” that he was not welcome in Brisbane.

See photos and video from the protest below.

Over this past week Peter Madden lead what he called a ‘Queensland Election Prayer Rally’ from Sydney to Brisbane that on Thursday night reached its conclusion at King George Square.

What’s ironic is the fact that Madden’s rally consisted of approximately 20 people heavily protected by the police, while the counter protest consisted of over 500.

The evening kicked off with a few touching speeches from members and supporters of the LGBT community, that then evolved into chants for equal rights and a call for homophobia to stop.

While the Courier Mail report seemed to focus on the negative actions of only a few of the protesters and failed to portray the message of equality that the rally was about, overall the protest was one of peace.

Madden’s “gay hate bus” made a brief appearance, but was swiftly moved on by police.

The crowd attending was clearly more in support of actions against the recent homophobia faced by the LGBT community then Peter Madden’s ‘Queensland Election Prayer Rally’. briefly caught up with one of the Equal Love organisers Kat Henderson who was ecstatic with the turn out. “Big thank you to everyone who came out to the rally and made it such a huge success,” she says.

“We sent a loud and proud message to Peter Madden and bigots everywhere that their hate will never be tolerated. The overwhelming majority of Australians support equal rights and we will continue to come out and fight against homophobia in all its forms – whether it be bigots like Madden, or the federal Government, who still refuses to grant equal marriage rights.

“On that note, please come to the next demonstration on Saturday May 12 at 1pm at Queens Park. The fight isn’t over until we win equal rights!”

While Peter Madden’s goal was to show the dark side of same-sex marriage, what the night actually showed was the dark side of a small group of Christian fundamentalists and their 1950’s way of thinking.

There is no denying that what took place at King George Square was a prime example of the community showing unity against homophobia and demanding equality for all.

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Matt Akersten

Matt Akersten said on the 23rd Mar, 2012

Great stuff. Congrats to our rainbow crew up there! Yes that Courier-Mail piece seemed to miss the point a bit... x


mark_ said on the 23rd Mar, 2012

I hope there wasn't any vandalism and mayhem.