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Australia's 1st-ever TV gaykiss

This peck on the lips was the first all-male kiss ever transmitted on Australian television – way back in 1972.

The ABC documentary in the Chequerboard series, shown below on YouTube in its entirety, was called This Just Happens to be Part of Me and bravely profiled gay and lesbian relationships at a time when homosexual sex was illegal and taboo.

We see Peter Bonsall Boone (Bon) and his partner Peter de Waal going about their daily lives – it seems so innocent now but on those black and white days their openness in sharing their shared life for the camera made television history.

Peter and Bon agreed to appear on the original Chequerboard series as a political statement, and their brief kiss hello certainly caused a stir. As the first male to male kiss on Australian television and possibly even the world, even they could not have imagined the wide reaching ramifications of their daring actions.

The first reaction was from Bon’s employer who sacked him from his job as a secretary in a church in Mosman on Sydney’s North Shore after the show was broadcast.

Having started off as simply another couple on television, Bon and Peter became the focal point of gay rights activism. They campaigned relentlessly for gay rights, and in 2006, celebrated 40 years together – still living in that same house in Balmain.

Watch Australia’s first-ever gay kiss below, around the 1-minute mark. An interview with the couple begins at 2:30”. Gaby and Sue, a lesbian couple, are also profiled – they’re introduced 36 minutes in.

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Correz said on the 11th Apr, 2012

These guys were incredibly brave. And interesting to see that some things haven't changed such as churches arbitrarily sacking people on the basis of their sexuality.


Dateon107 said on the 11th Apr, 2012

alright who else manually just had Katy Perry's 'Part of Me' start randomly playing in their heads... :P


Nickojj said on the 12th Apr, 2012

Thank you stylish Mens for showing 70's Australia what a gay relationship within suburban society can look like. Just think Mr and Mrs 70's ideals, if potting plants and cooking food together is as outrageous as these two get your kids and jobs will probably be safe.


enriquito2005 said on the 12th Apr, 2012

I was under the impression that the 70's series No 96 had the first ever gay kiss.
Am I wrong?


mark_ said on the 12th Apr, 2012

^ No. 96 was fictional. It had a hetero pretending to be gay.

The people in the OP are real human beings.


JarrodJ said on the 12th Apr, 2012

There's not really much difference.

Movies/TV often lag behind reality with these sort of things so it's a big thing when one of them decides to step up and portray something like that.


mark_ said on the 13th Apr, 2012


No, there IS A BIG difference!

There's a difference between someone who allows themselves to be photographed and those professional actors who wear make-up and read scripts and pretend to be a fictional character!

And similarly 'reality TV' isn't real, it's fake. These people in the OP were being photographed and could have been arrested for their sex lives. They haven't been coached and prodded like those bimbos on Survivor etc.


JarrodJ said on the 14th Apr, 2012

Ok I think we missed each other's points.

I just thought that what you were saying was that the Neighbours kiss is not important as the actors aren't actually gay. I wasn't comparing it to the guys in the Doco, and I agree, that was very ballsy of them!


RiversJ said on the 15th Apr, 2012

'Number 96' (1972-1977) featured several gay characters. Don Finlayson (Joe Hasham) was a lead character the show's entire run. His long term live in boyfriend was Dudley Butterfield (Chard Hayward). As far as I can make out, the TV series 'Number 96' never showed a gay kiss though Don and Dud were seen to share the same bed and did pats on the bum, hugs, etc. Don did kiss Simon (John Orcsik) in the feature film version of 'Number 96' (1974) but the shot was later cut from the film and remains lost.


mark_ said on the 15th Apr, 2012

he did a spectacular nude scene