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Catch the Divine Divas!

Brisbane’s Qpac is preparing itself to be taken over by the best in showbiz glitz and glamour as the world-famous Divine Divas launch their two-hour Las Vegas-inspired extravaganza, showcasing the world’s most famous Divas – Cher, Pink, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, Kylie, Celine Dion, Madonna and more.

Divine Divas is a spectacular and fast-paced superstar female impersonation show featuring breathtaking transformations and a wardrobe of authentically reproduced costumes worth an estimated $150,000.

Same Same had the privilege of catching up with Divine Diva Warren Gooch...

So who are the Divine Divas?
With Divine Divas, we’re portraying all the biggest musical history divas. This is more of a concert of concerts that you would never see. Because you would never get Barbara and Celine and all those people together at one time. So it’s a two hour marathon concert with all the divas.

We’ve incorporated video and a lot of miming to create an illusion where people get to see video clips, plus a performance, costumes, great make-up, plus choreography and dancing. When you put it all together and you sit back and look at it, a lot of the time you have to pinch yourself because it’s as if you’re really there.

How many years have you been working on Divine Divas?
It’s been going for about four years. Probably about 12 months in the making and putting it all together and about three years performing and developing the show, adding new characters and tinkering with it.

How many boys make up the divas?
It was about five boys originally. We’ve grown to ten boys who play 24 of the world’s biggest Divas.

As there’s a difference between female impersonation and drag, how have the local drag queens responded to the show?
They love the show, the costumes, the choreography, the jewellery and wigs… that’s all the sort of stuff that goes with drag shows in a gay club. We just do it on a larger scale with great lighting and video.

Finally, what’s your definition of a diva?
I think a diva is an endurance as a performer. It’s not your one-hit wonders, it’s not your divas who’ve just released one album, it’s people like Barbara, Britney and Celine, who’ve had album after album, who have Grammys and the Academy Awards, gone platinum and stuff like that. It’s the enduring big divas.

Qpac has kindly given Same Same two double passes to give away. So if you’re keen, the first two Brisbane samesamers that leave a comment below will have a free double pass each for the one-night-only show.

Divine Divas is a captivating, high-class, fun-filled show with a stellar troupe of gender illusionists including showgirls/boys and dancers that will be on at Qpac for night only on the 28th of April. So expect a sell-out show.

To book tickets click on over to Qpac here.

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1Rose said on the 21st Apr, 2012

It looks like it would be a great show. I'm a brisbaner and would love to take my girl and go see it.


chadstjames said on the 21st Apr, 2012

Hey guys just letting you know 1Rose has won a double pass. Shockman, if you get can direct message me, you've also won, but for some reason I can't get in contact via ur profile.


1Rose said on the 22nd Apr, 2012

Awesome, thank you so much. I couldnt afford tickets so this is great. I cant wait to see the show.


1Rose said on the 24th Apr, 2012

Do I collect them at the door?


1Rose said on the 26th Apr, 2012

Ok, I guess I'm not going after all. I hope all those going enjoy it and hopefully they'll be back and I can catch their next show,

Gef in GC

Gef in GC said on the 27th Apr, 2012

I'd love to go too.... but can't afford tickets @ the moment is there a plan for any other dates?... Cheers!