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On the outside looking in –Big Brother Ben's boyfriend

This year’s fans of Big Brother Australia was introduced to Ben, a 32-year-old Accounts Manager from Victoria. Ben described himself as a fairly out-there social person whose biggest achievement is meeting his partner and finding love.

More than two months after he entered the house, how’s his partner doing? Same Same got the chance to have a chat with the other half of the #Benjamites, also named Ben, about how he’s coping with his boyfriend’s new-found fame.

What’s it like being apart from Ben yet still watching him on Big Brother?

I have my ups and downs. It’s amazing to watch Ben in the house but Big Brother doesn’t really show Ben talking about me or looking like he’s thinking about me. I’m thinking about him all the time and I can’t see if he’s doing the same. Sarah, who was evicted from Big Brother, has been in constant contact reassuring me that Ben wouldn’t shut up about me.

Ben knew what he was getting into when he signed up. He knew he would be edited in whatever way they wanted to portray his character, but at the end of the day looking at him pull certain faces, holding my photo, small little things like that reassure me and makes it easier to watch.

How did you guys meet?

Ben was actually dating someone else and that person added me on facebook. When they broke up Ben messaged me saying hi and suggested we go for a drink, we started dating from there.

How did you react when Ben told you he was going into the Big Brother house?

I think when you love someone and you have faith and trust in the relationship it gives you strength to face anything, even giving my boyfriend away to the Australian public for three months. I can’t say it’s been that easy, but being on Big Brother is something Ben has always wanted to do and I am there to support him all the way.

What has been your favourite Ben moment in the house so far?

When Ben was watching my video and he shared it with the other housemates. He looked so proud and everyone was so happy for him, just to see that look on his face was heaven.

How did recording that message come about?

I got a call from the executive producer and I thought I’d have time to figure out what to say but I ended up having 15 minutes. I looked a mess and Ben hadn’t seen me for two months but I got myself together and while I didn’t have time to rehearse I think was a good thing. I think if I had had time to over think it my message might not have been as real as it was.

Then when he had to fulfil the challenges in order to see the video I was so anxious, all I could think was ‘If you don’t pull this off I’m going to come into the house and kill you’!

Click here to see a clip of the challenges and Ben’s message.

Ben is up for elimination for the second time this week, what do you think prompted Ben’s nominations for elimination?

People either love Ben or hate Ben. I think that it was a case of people not really knowing how to take him at the start. People soon learnt that he is a caring and loving person who can say these sly remarks and sometimes says things he shouldn’t. Ben is a huge character and a lot of the times he will just say things to make people laugh and get people happy, even if those things are inappropriate, that’s just Ben.

How has it been seeing people’s reactions to Ben on social media?

The gays jumped on him straight away and said that Ben was giving gay people a bad name. I cannot begin to express how frustrated I was, because Ben is not in the house representing gay Australia and there is so much more to him than his sexuality. For people to jump on his character without even giving him a chance to show other sides of himself was just nasty. No one jumped up and said Mike was giving red heads a bad name but they put Ben in this box straight away.

Meanwhile the straight community has shown so much support on twitter. A mother let me know watching Ben on TV has been a perfect way to teach her children that people love each other in many different ways and anyone can be together. I think it’s huge that children watch this family-friendly show, and watched Ben’s emotions when he got my message then see that it is just normal.

Why should people vote for Ben?

Ben adds life to the house, he’s a loyal and caring person and I think Australia is starting to see the real Ben. Three months just isn’t enough time to find out all the crazy stories he has. Even if people just vote 10 times each that’s just 5 dollars, it’s not even a decent drink. Ben deserves to win, he has been giving it his all and has been himself and everyone should get behind him.

Show your support for Ben by using the #Benjamites hashtag on twitter, follow Benjamin’s official facebook page and you can vote to keep Ben in the Big Brother House by calling 1902 55 95 02 or sending an SMS to 199 55 999.

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Matt Akersten

Matt Akersten said on the 17th Oct, 2012

Great interview and nice to see those photos of them together. I'm a fan of the show. Initially Ben didn't impress me much, I have to admit, but he's grown on me since. He's certainly the 'Mother Hen' of the house and seems to stand a good chance of winning. Always fun to watch. If I was in there I'd be bitching constantly about the other contestants... there's just not much else to do! xx


matt_p said on the 18th Oct, 2012

What was the gay community's "problem" with Ben int he first place? Must've missed that one!


TheOldie said on the 18th Oct, 2012

or else in the showers 24/7 :D


aldwynbrian said on the 18th Oct, 2012

I'm all for Ben. Never watched this show in previous years because I thought it was perhaps a little facile, but Ben has changed that. He seems to me to be a wonderful example of A gentle , loving and tender gay guy. Hope he wins..


mattrenwick said on the 18th Oct, 2012

Love you boys!
Look forward to a couple of quiet beverages when you get out x


trystybusty said on the 10th Nov, 2012

Why vote for him just because he is gay. he was a manipulative, nasty, self absorbed, 2 faced weasel. no surprise he won, got the gay vote from al the typical narcissistic gay men in Australia. Nice one. Baaaaa


Irene said on the 10th Nov, 2012

Are you gay trysty, or just trolling?