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Goodbye! Peter Madden packshis bags

New Year’s Eve was last week but there’s now another excuse for Sydneysiders to crack open a bottle of champagne.

Same Same’s favourite cartoonish bigot and former Christian Democrat Party member Peter Madden is exiling himself from the home city of Mardi Gras… and moving to Tasmania.

He tweeted the joyous announcement yesterday:

Your esteemed friends in the LGBT community will be privately (or potentially quite openly) celebrating you leaving the mainland, Mr Madden.

However we do send out condolences to the people of Tasmania… but we know you’ll put him in his place.

Peter will surely be missed for giving us some big outrages and disgraces but also some of the best LOLs in ages. He has failed spectacularly as all he has attempted in his past two hate-mongering years. Here are a few gems…

In January 2011 he declared war on the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade.

It’s just “live porn,” he ranted, adding that “100,000’s of drunken youth will come to Sydney streets and be incited to all kinds of lust, filth and moral depravity.” He argued it was a promotion of “the lifestyle and perversion” and launched his campaign to have the sequin and star studded event banned.

Madden immediately drew criticism for using the war memorial in Hyde Park for political purposes, as he called upon “10,000 warriors” to be “lions” to use “their prayers” to “shut down the Gay Mardi Gras and turn the tide of evil that is rising amongst the youth in our nation!”

This was not universally popular with parties such as the RSL jumping into the fray. Don Rowe, the President of the NSW RSL, said of using the War Memorial to politicise Mardi Gras: “It is a sacred site and symbolises those Australians who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country and for our freedoms … not for someone trying to make a political stand.”

As for Sydney Mardi Gras itself, chief executive Michael Rolik reacted: “The Christian Democrats have protested against us in one form or another for years – it only serves to unite us in our cause and we get bigger and brighter every year.”

Strangely, Madden was then seen hanging around the 2011 Mardi Gras launch party.

Two months later he got into a heated debate with marriage equality campaigner Alex Greenwich mediated by Kerri-Anne Kennerley.

“98% of the country, if indeed the legislation is passed, will actually lose their rights to determine what their children are taught in school,” he warned.

“What’s actually happening is a raft of educational procedures, sex education, homosexual sex education, introduction of very explicit books into the education system at a time where children are very impressionable.”

He even posted the bizarre exchange on YouTube so we can all relive his nonsensical arguments.

Madden’s ramped-up rants even led to his brother John to speak out against his wayward sibling. “I am so sorry,” he said, “that my brother’s recent unfair and ignorant comments about gay and lesbian people and the Mardi Gras parade have hurt and angered so many.”

Then there was his infamous truck.

Madden’s ‘gay hate’ vehicle had for quite some time been rolling through the streets of rural towns and cities trying to drum up the fears of locals. Until some LGBT activists and some spray cans got to it.

By April Fool’s Day, his plans for a rally against same-sex marriage had devolved into a bizarre confrontation in Hyde Park when he appeared alone (but with police back-up) and attempted a Q&A session with the city’s pro-equality protesters.

Surfacing again in winter, his small band of cronies crashed a marriage equality rally in Sydney with signs decrying: ‘Husband + Wife = Life’, ‘Children need a mother and a father’ and ‘Shame 7 shame.’

And in August, Madden, the National’s Barnaby Joyce, the Liberal’s Eric Abetz and Labor’s Mark Furner attended a rally on the lawns of parliament and listened to these words from Aboriginal Paster Peter Walker:

“In the absence of this biological principle, sex becomes very instrumental, the satisfaction of pleasure and, I’ll say it straight out, lust.

“I’m convinced that homosexuals reproduce themselves by molesting children.”

And sung to the tune of Waltzing Matilda:

“Stand up for marriage, stand up for marriage,

One man and women for life exclusively,

Do not redefine this important institution,

Please vote NO! on marriage bills.”

Why is it that the bigots get to have all the nationalistic stuff?

Along the way, Peter Madden picked up only a tiny number of votes when he ran for local government, though his campaign posters remained still visible, haunting central Sydney for several months afterwards.

I have two words for you, Madden: Good riddance.

And for Tasmania: Keep fighting.

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Virgindirk said on the 9th Jan, 2013

Oh fuck, now I have to put up with him........

(BTW, its nice to be back, 1st post in months!)


Dsquare said on the 9th Jan, 2013

Oh fuck, now I have to put up with him........

(BTW, its nice to be back, 1st post in months!)

Was your flight delayed?

It's probably just as well you haven't been around. For my return trip from my annual pilgrimage to QLD for christmas I was left sitting at Rockhampton airport for 7 hours for a delayed 1 hour flight. Instead of getting back to Sydney at 2.30 in the afternoon I finally got back at 9.30 that night. I was, as I'm sure you can understand, ropable. Any mention of Virgin airlines for the following couple of days sent me into a right rant.

I want nothing to do with virgins ever again!


TheOldie said on the 9th Jan, 2013

Oh fuck, now I have to put up with him........

(BTW, its nice to be back, 1st post in months!)

dont they all end up in Tassie :)

welcome back , where have you been ?


Marko said on the 9th Jan, 2013

First thing, good the bastards going, secondly sorry to hear about your soon 'arrival' Tassie and thirdly, welcome back Virgin. :]...speaking of which wtf have you been off to?


badamj2000 said on the 10th Jan, 2013

PM is not a very good debater . He also looks like a a very heavy drinker.


mothclock said on the 15th Jan, 2013

Haven't the Tasmanians suffered enough?