Roll it! Mardi Gras FilmFest 2013

I Want Your Love

Jesse is struggling with the idea of departing San Francisco after a heady decade of what feels like not achieving much.

On his final night in the city, friends and ex-lovers gather for a farewell party that promises to heighten Jesse’s already bittersweet feelings about leaving.

I Want Your Love is honest, intimate, funny, and very, very sexy…

Bye Bye Blondie

Gloria and Frances first fall in love aged 16 when life is sex, drugs and punk rock.

When their paths cross twenty years later, one is still a rebel with lovers and vices whilst the other is a television celebrity, and in a sham marriage.

Don’t miss iconic French actresses Emmanuelle Béart and Béatrice Dalle in a lesbian love story that spans a lifetime.

Keep the Lights On

Ira Sach's deeply personal drama has been getting rave reviews, saying it is breaking new ground in contemporary American queer cinema.

The film shows a voyeuristic examination of a volatile 10-year relationship between two addictive personalities. Individually and together, they are risk takers – compulsive, and fueled by drugs and sex.

Live Free or Die

Here's the compelling story of Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay man to become a bishop in the historic traditions of Christendom.

Gene now travels the globe inspiring and enlightening churchgoers and the broader community with his personal story. This is an insightful and uplifting film about the marrying of beliefs and equality.

I am a Woman Now

Dr. Georges Burou was known as the miracle doctor amongst a select group of women. He was a pioneer of gender reassignment and is fondly recalled in this extraordinary documentary about five 60something women who were biologically male at birth.

This internationally acclaimed doco is as cinematic as it is intimate and observational, looking at ageing and recalling the heady days of the performance scene in 1960s Paris. How did the outside world react to this first generation of transsexuals?

See you at the movies from now until Feb 28! Get the lowdown on all the films and booking details on the Mardi Gras Film Festival 2013 website here.

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