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Will & Sonny: Days of OurLives' new supercouple

Bo and Hope, Steve and Kayla… Tom and Alice, there’s no doubt you will know at least one of these pairings… they are some of the biggest names to ever grace the screen on wonder soap Days of Our Lives, which still airs in the afternoon on the Nine Network after all these years.

This sudsy soap is one of the world’s most loved. The show is now in its 48th season – it’s quite the epic of efforts. So many characters have come and gone since its inception, and yes, the storylines may be farfetched or extremely over the top dramatic but nobody can do a wedding better than a soap opera – just admit it.

Days of Our Lives has temporarily moved away from the trademark ‘return from the dead’ storyline to show a little bit of modern day, true to life contemporariness – a gay relationship. Yeah it sounds like old news to all of us, but for the daytime soap industry it’s a major step forward.

When news got out that a daytime soap opera was going to flirt with the possibility of writing two gay characters into the show, it caused quite a bit of chat, more positive than negative. But before long, we had Will and Sonny standing in the pink corner. Lusting, longing, fighting, snogging.

Will Horton, portrayed by Chandler Massey, has been paired up with Sonny Kiriakis, played by the hunky Freddie Smith, who you may recognise from his time on the new 90210. For those of you wondering where these Salem children fit in, think back… Will is the son of Sami Brady and Lucas Horton while Sonny is the son of Justin and Adrienne Kiriakis, grandson to grandpa Victor.

Some would say it was a recipe for disaster, a Greek heir ‘coming out’ to grandpa Vic. When the time did come for Sonny to say ‘those words’, Victor surprised everyone. Sonny was free to be himself but what he couldn’t do was be with Will, the boy he fancied. Will on the other hand was still fighting his own inner demons. When Will finally told grandma Marlena he preferred the male kind, things started to unfold… and soon he was out and proud.

There’s been quite a buzz in Salem with Will and Sonny’s on and off relationship taking centre stage. Writers are putting the two characters and their gay storyline front and centre on the show, much to the joy of fans around the world. Social media has proven there’s a great deal of support for the couple, the show’s ratings have been good, and to the delight of the show’s producers has even attracted a new audience.

In 2012, Chandler Massey received an Emmy for Most Outstanding Young Actor in a Drama Series, the first actor ever to receive a Daytime Emmy Award for playing a gay character. Both he and Freddie Smith have been acting their butts off, going above and beyond anyone’s expectations hitting their scenes out of the ballpark. It has been groundbreaking on so many levels, who would have thought… two boys getting it on at Salem’s Horton Town Square. Not even Stefano DiMera can compete with that.

Discover Will and Sonny’s love story below.

Days of Our Lives airs locally at 2pm weekdays on Channel Nine.

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Matt Akersten

Matt Akersten said on the 18th Mar, 2013

Well I love TV soaps but it had been ages since I'd seen Days of Our Lives. Thanks for this Brian :-)


Deanus said on the 18th Mar, 2013

I can't agree more, Will & Sonny are great and the way the soap has handled homosexuality and Will coming out has been great! I'm loving it!

Brian Peel

Brian Peel said on the 18th Mar, 2013

Thanks guys! This gorgeous couple bring a whole new dimension to the show. Hopefully we're on track for that pink wedding in 2013... :)


Deek said on the 18th Mar, 2013

I haven't watch this show in years. This was totally awesome to watch (and killed a half an hour while at work haha)


local_warming said on the 18th Mar, 2013

Christ, i just realised how long its been since of seen this show (it must be 20 years!). Apart from bo and hope (obviously), the only other character mentioned here that i remember, is victor, and i didnt know he had a son, let alone a grandson. Victor was the resident evil dude after stefano disappeared, i wonder what he thinks of his grandson's boyfriend.


sneakos said on the 18th Mar, 2013

that vid highlights was awesome :D

i so want me a fairytale liek that :)


crazzymikey said on the 18th Mar, 2013

lol I used to watch this when I was home sick from school or on school holidays. I think the last time I watched Marlena was possessed by the devil. Nice to see the show is progressing with something a little closer to reality.


jfh970 said on the 18th Mar, 2013

Good article. Just one small correction though. Sonny is Victor's nephew not grandson.

Brian Peel

Brian Peel said on the 18th Mar, 2013

The Kiriakis empire goes way back... Justin Kiriakis is actually Victor's nephew. How can you forget the lavish Justin & Adrienne wedding on location in Greece!


local_warming said on the 18th Mar, 2013

Sounds like a plotline for an episode - a new DNA test reveals sonny is victor's grandson, not his nephew

Brian Peel

Brian Peel said on the 18th Mar, 2013

I like the way you think! We all know who's behind this scandal don't we... Stefano DiMera.... Italy v Greece. Game On!


crazzymikey said on the 19th Mar, 2013

what they need is for stefano Dimera to haev a gay grandson who will break them up :D

Brian Peel

Brian Peel said on the 19th Mar, 2013

Even better... turn EJ DiMera gay... I'm sure that won't sit well with Stefano or Sami, particularly when she finds her 'husband' in bed with her son! #Drama


Rickyp30 said on the 15th Jul, 2013

I do hope they keep the 2 together and agree with Brian Peel would like to see Sonny and Will get married with all they have been through and Sonny's mom being very unsupportive and trying to break them up. It would be nice to see them married and sharing jointly the baby you can see how much Sonny loves her


Reid said on the 7th Jan, 2014

Hardly a groundbreaking plot. Seems much of it is modeled on AsThe World Turns gay supercouple Luke and Noah from the early 2000's, played by Jake Silberman and the amazingly talented Van Hansis.


Tigerland said on the 7th Jan, 2014

I thought Soaps were a dying breed anyway. That many of those daytime US ones have been axed now. I lost interest in The Bold and the Beautiful years ago. Funny how a show set inside the Fashion biz of all things had zero gay characters.