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A world of DIY rainbows

When our beloved rainbow crossing at Taylor Square was destroyed last month, there was widespread community outrage.

I was tucked up in bed with tonsillitis, unaware that just a block from my apartment, my new favourite thing about Sydney wouldn’t be there when I awoke the next morning.

Of course, I was furious when I discovered that there was no more rainbow – where would I cross Oxford St now? I called my friends and suggested we spray paint the rainbow back in as a form of protest, unconcerned that I would likely be charged with vandalism.

James “Breko” Brechney (pictured above) had a better idea: he would make his own rainbow crossing, using chalk, in his street in Surry Hills.

And so begun the #diyrainbow revolution: where humble chalk rainbows now brighten up local communities across the globe, bringing new life to the equal rights campaign of the LGBT community.

From the endless chalk rainbows throughout Darlinghurst and Surry Hills, all the way to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, then globally to Brussels and South Africa among so many nations of the world, our local government’s brash actions inadvertently caused an explosion of smaller, albeit temporary, rainbows and turned the community’s mourning into something bright and beautiful.

Here at SameSame, we have decided to celebrate the thousands of #diyrainbows everywhere by bringing together some of our favourite rainbows, as well as rainbows from the most far-flung destinations around the world.

There’s lots of amazing ones on this page, and many more on the gallery link below.

Do also check for the latest ones – and add your own – on the official DIY Rainbow Crossings Facebook page.

We were impressed by this 3D rainbow in Alexandria:

Jumping for rainbow joy in Balmain:

By the pier in Bussleton, WA:

Bonjour! Here’s a Parisian rainbow:

Greetings from Shanghai, China:

Pretoria in South Africa:

The chalks were out in Thailand’s Chiang Mai too:

This is the work of an orphanage in Cambodia. All the children pictured are living with HIV.

Gorgeous street art in Fitzgibbon:

And other amazing design as seen on Instagram:

Marrickville Town Hall:

Canberra’s MEGA RAINBOW!

Colourful Castlemaine in Victoria:

Here’s a good one from Launceston in Tasmania:

And, last but not least, little Evie dancing in Fairy Meadow, NSW. Bless.

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GayTeenPride said on the 15th May, 2013

Wow very impressive

Go the Rainbows


Blackshadow said on the 15th May, 2013

What an inspiration! Thank you!


Lozza_oreos said on the 16th May, 2013

I have an urge to go draw rainbows now :)


gayambassador said on the 16th May, 2013

how wonderful that this form of creative activism has taken off


rrovin said on the 16th May, 2013

enough to bring a tear to my eye !