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i am chinese, i was born in china a small town in HuNan province in 1986 which is the central part of china. i move to HaiNan island when i was young because my father served in chinese blue navy. i got my bachelor degree in biological engineering in Xi'an in the province of ShanXi. i came to australia to study and got my master degree in chemical engineering in 2011. during the time here i found i wanna find a western girl (white girl) be my girl friend and wife.

alright, get rid of these boring staff....anyway, i do not have much money (actually i am a poor guy) and looking for a girl who do not like money as well. i work here (part time work) to support myself cause i do not like rely on anybody. i am looking for the real freedom of the love and true love. not worldly love but the love can be eternal.

i had few gf before but did not work out. now i think i can at least try here. if not, then that is the destiny...or not.

i like playing basketball. i was affected by NBA when i was young. i use to play very competative and i joined in the club in australia. i trained myself very hard before but now i most of time just play by myself or casual shotting cause i realised it was just a sport i faverate and i can not be NBA superstar....but my favorate NBA super star is Allen iverson.

i play guitar and played in the chinese band when i was studying in china's university. i play different songs. most romantic song and quiet. i donot know much music theory and i just learn myself how to play and enjoy it. Now i wanna learn some keyboard myself.

i will keep on upload more information about me here in the future. sorry i do not know why i cannot upload some of my photo here. so if you are interested in, please add my contact detail which is shown below

facebook: lei xiao



i will not waste of my time to reply the aggressive comment, so please be gentle and friendly. i would like to share my story to you.