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Meeting with your local Federal Member

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Feb 2011
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Default Meeting with your local Federal Member
Hi folks

I noted in todays local paper that the private members bill to ammend the Marriage act of 1961 has been introduced and is now going a Parliamentary inquiry.

I was hoping to go my local member Shayne Nuemann, with a group of local gays, but we are not that tight with the local gay community.

Does any one know of couples out here (Ipswich) that might join us in a representation to meet and discuss our points of view, as well as expressing our wishes for his votes in the future?

Should each of us be doing the same thing with our own Federal members? There are enough around!

What are your thoughts?
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Feb 2011
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He came around last week for high tea and left with a cheque - Dr Southcott... he's cuter in person
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