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Anti-Kylie - The Undiscovered Minogue

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Disillusioned SS'er have decided to check out.

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Nov 2008
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Default Anti-Kylie - The Undiscovered Minogue
The Palace was certainly a great venue for an intimate, sans "theatrical" Kylie performance. I loved, as did others, the simplicity of her stage presence, the choice of songs was fantastic. To see Kylie perform without the costume changes, the stage spectacular, or in a huge venue, was to see her perform at her most basic level, and she carried it off massively. It was nice to get eye contact, it was nice to see her relaxed and comfortable with us, it made me feel like she had invited me into her space and enjoy a "singing conversation" with her. My esteem of Kylie has enlarged even more.
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WOw... i really have neglected SS :(

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Aug 2011
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Default Anti-Kylie - The Undiscovered Minogue
HELL to the YES! 3 of my fav songs are being played in the anti tour :D

Ocean Blue
Made of Glass
& If you don't love me :D

I am so excited for tomorrow night YAY!!!

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