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ok, hit me with the truth

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Feb 2007
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Default ok, hit me with the truth
ok guy ,wanting your advice
i go all on these sites, spend alot of time ensuring i say who i am ,and what i stand for
or even who i would fuck
yet adtthe end of the day no one sends me a hello message
then i come on this site, thinking are a diff crowd i can relate to, some one will message me on here ,maybe a new freind is finely on the cards
yet im still left alone
so me question is. am i just so diff, none want's to know me
i know i a very strange person and always looking at things in my own way
but is there no one out there that want's to know me???
and i mean more than online chat
thus my forum on sex orientated
feel free to say something guys
great time for me to see what you have to say
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first log in for a year.. love the new look MY Same Same

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Oct 2006
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Why are you waiting? why don't you say hello to others first? Life isn't a waiting game, you got to get out there, wait for no-one, carpe diem! :-)
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back in the uk - not good

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Jun 2007
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Yeah you need to break out of your comfort zone, as they say.
I think you can see from the forums that people on here like a good chat, so just msg them and start it. You wont regret it!!
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Aug 2007
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Hi there..............

One thing that i have learnt in life is get out there and have fun while u can because life is not a long road. we never know when we are going to die. Take risks when u can but dnt take them all the time. Because luck can run out when u lease expect it.

Get out of ur safety zone because there is no way in hell that people will enter in it if u dnt get out ur self. Meet some people as a friend and expand from that. Its good to have friends that will be there for u @ all times even when u can go out and socialise. U need to get out of the shell and explore certain things. Dont be shy, just have fun. But when its serious then wonder where ur going from there own.
your mum would understand certain things but time is time to break away and say ok mum time for me to go on me own and experience a heart break and other things. I know u may not like it but time for me to grow up and take some repsponsibilities of my life. I cannon always relly on people. But i still will come to u for adv when i need it. U would have to understand after that convo she would be lean a bit.

So dont be shy mate... be free and live life the way u want it to be ................

Kind regards and take care

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